Sherlock Holmes Books for Kids

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle invented the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes of 221b Baker Street. Since Doyle’s adventure and mystery writing is too difficult for most kids, I’ve good, easier-to-comprehend Sherlock Holmes books and short stories for kids and teens related to Sherlock Holmes plus a few other fun goodies as well…

Don’t miss the brilliant middle-grade chapter book series about Sherlock’s younger sister, Enola. (Which is now a movie on Netflix!)

Based on the Sherlock Holmes canon, many of these children’s books will introduce readers to familiar characters like John Watson, his best friend and the narrator of the stories, Sherlock’s sort-of love interest named Irene Adler as well as the sinister Professor Moriarty (Holmes’ arch-nemesis).

These Sherlock mystery stories will get kids thinking with deductive reasoning because, we all know, Sherlock was the master of using the smallest details to draw logical conclusions and figure out the larger solution.

Sherlock Holmes for Kids

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes in the Hound of the Baskervilles
by Jennifer Adams, illustrated by Alison Oliver
Really this board book won’t tell you any stories about Sherlock but it does contain simple phrases associated with the famous detective.

Basil of Baker Street
Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus, illustrated by Paul Galdone (ages 6 – 9)
Living with the famous Sherlock Holmes is how Basil learns to be a skilled detective. He must race against the clock to find the kidnapped mouse twins before it’s too late. Kids will love these suspenseful beginning reader mysteries narrated by Basil’s friend, Dr. Dawson.

Sherlock Holmes Activity Book for Kids
Sherlock Holmes Activity Book by David Shimmell
My daughter loves the 32 brain teasers in this puzzle book about Victorian London and Sherlock Holmes. Puzzles include hidden pictures, mazes, word jumbles, and memory games.

 Sherlock Academy Sherlock Holmes for Kids
Sherlock Academy by F.C. Shaw (ages 6 – 9)
I enjoyed this book very much! It’s about a boy, Rollie, and his friend, Cecily, who receive a mysterious and exclusive invitation to attend a school for budding detectives. Of course, there’s a mystery afoot and Rollie and Cecily are determined to get to the bottom of it. (series)

Sherlock Holmes for Children Jim Weiss
Sherlock Holmes for Children
Audio CD(ages 6 – 12)
Bring the world of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson to life for children. We literally couldn’t get out of the car for school one day because we had to see what would happen! I highly recommend the fantastic narrator retelling famous Sherlock stories.

Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Diamond
by Sam Hearn (ages 7 – 10)
This is a decent introduction/adaptation with age-appropriate characters and crime. Meet John Watson, the narrator and the new kid at school, who is befriended by Martha and Sherlock. When their class is on a school field trip, a fake crime happens at the museum only Sherlock discovers it wasn’t a fake crime. In fact, a precious gem was stolen and Sherlock is sure he knows where the thieves hid it. Illustrations and scrap-book style entries make this visually appealing.

sherlock holmes books for kids
The Great Shelby Holmes
by Elizabeth Eulberg (ages 7 – 10)
Kids will love this relatable, interesting story about John Watson who has just moved with his mom to Harlem. He meets a very unique girl named Shelby Holmes who reluctantly allows him to tag along with her as she solves her latest crime — who took a posh, show-dog from a classmate’s secure house.

The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes / Sherlock Holmes for Kids
The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Saddleback’s Illustrated Classics) 
by Arthur Conan Doyle (ages 8 – 12)
It says it’s illustrated but this Sherlock book is actually a graphic novel that will give you some of the stories in a fun-to-read format.

Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes for Kids
Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes (A Stepping Stone Book) adapted
 by Judith Conaway (ages 8 – 12)
You’ll find that this is a perfect introduction to some of the most famous mysteries of Sherlock Holmes — and written at a just-right reading level for kids in elementary school.

The Case That Time Forgot Sherlock Holmes for Kids
The Case That Time Forgot (Sherlock Files Series)
 by Tracy Barrett (ages 8 – 12)
Twin detectives, Xander and Xena, are direct descendants of Sherlock Holmes. In this story, they must locate the famous amulet of Throth that is rumored to turn back time. It’s an interesting series.

Sherlock Holmes for Kids The Case of the Left Handed Lady
The Case of the Left-Handed Lady: An Enola Holmes Mystery
 (series) by Nancy Springer (ages 8 – 12)
This Sherlock series follows the detective adventures of Sherlock’s sister, Enola. You will adore how Enola is an independent, smart detective in her own right. Delightful!

Sherlock Holmes Books for Kids
Sherlock, Lupin & Me: The Dark Lady
by Irene Adler (ages 8 – 12)
I totally love this story — so does my 11-year old! The setting is the late 1800s, France. The heroes? Three best friends, one of whom just happens to be Sherlock Holmes. Only in this story, he’s a young boy. You’ll fall in love with the spunky, Irene Adler, our author and junior detective, as she and her best friends seek to solve the small beach town’s greatest mystery.

The Chess Queen Enigma A Stoker & Holmes Novel
by Colleen Gleason (YA)
I thoroughly enjoyed this 2nd book in the Stoker and Holmes series. The main characters, Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes become entrenched in the mystery of a missing chess queen that is thought to unlock treasures and power.

Fire Storm Sherlock Holmes books for young adults YA
Fire Storm (Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins) by Andrew Lane
I’ve read two books in this series and really love them — it’s so interesting to read Lane’s version of an adolescent Sherlock who is developing his skills and passion for solving mysteries. This series is well-written and very entertaining.

Sherlock’s Study
A Study in Sherlock candle combines scents of rich mahogany, genuine leather, fresh coffee and a hint of tobacco. Sounds awful to me — what do you think?

My kids love these silly little action figures.
Lock and Mori Sherlock Holmes for Teens
Lock & Mori 
by Heather W. Petty (YA)
Miss James “Mori” Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes are in high school and compete to solve crimes. I haven’t read this series yet but I can’t wait to give it a go.
A Study in Charlotte -- sherlock holmes books for teens
A Study in Charlotte
 by Brittany Cavallari (YA)
This Watson, Jamie, is the direct descendant of that John Watson and attends the same boarding school as Charlotte Holmes, a descendant of Sherlock Holmes. When the two are framed for the murder of a classmate both hated, they pair up to solve the crime themselves. But more crimes are committed, each with a nod to their ancestor’s famous stories, and neither can figure out who is doing it. Is there a Moriarty around? If you’re like me and an Arthur Conan Doyle fan, you’ll LOVE the details that pay tribute to the original stories! This book does mention sex and drugs.
Eye of the Crow Sherlock Holmes Books for Kids
Eye of the Crow: The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His 1st Case 
by Shane Peacock (YA)
Peacock’s Sherlock is his own version: poor and half Jewish. The writing is good but different than the other Sherlock books I’ve read before, it flashes between scene to scene quickly.
Sherlock Holmes for Dummies
Sherlock Holmes for Dummies by Steven Doyle and David. A Crowder
This is an easy-to-read tome of everything Sherlock from information about the author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the many adaptations and interpretations of the character. I found it very useful to sort out what was really authentic to Doyle’s Sherlock and what were later additions by actors (the kind of pipe he smoked) or incorrect lore.
Sherlock: Season 1 (Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman)
This is one of the BEST scripts and developed programs for television I’ve ever seen — I LOVE this show! Yes, it’s worth owning. As far as age-appropriateness, I would suggest 13 and up due to language and content. Obviously, it’s a personal call depending on what your family is comfortable with . . .
If you want to read the first (adult) Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes book, start with A Study in Scarlet.
Any more Sherlock for kids books or swag to add to my list?
Sherlock Holmes Books for Kids
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  1. I love this list! You always have so many great ideas and your summaries with age suggestions help me quickly narrow my book selection. Sherlock books are always enticing to me; I love a good mystery! The addition of the candle and board game adds fun flair. (My opinion of the candle: I don’t know, I think I’d be willing to give it a whiff before deciding for sure. It might be fun to set the ambience for reading a Sherlock novel though.) Adding to my TBR: “Sherlock, Lupin, & Me.” Sadly, I waited too long to watch the Sherlock series when it was on Netflix. I’ll have to find it elsewhere. I’m curious, which book would you reread?