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Early ReadersAffiliate Links I often struggle to find engaging early readers for JJ so I bet you have the same problem, too. Today, I wanted to share some of the best early learning (reader) books we’ve enjoyed lately, most of which are newly published.

All these books include beautiful illustrations with appropriate text which in my opinion means not too much or too stupid. But, I’ll share sample text with you so you can judge the readability for yourself. Page breaks will be indicated with these double lines –> //. Ready? Let’s go.

Early Readers from Newmark Learning

I shared with you  my favorite early readers from Newmark Learning yesterday. Be sure to read more about their books and enter to win a Parental Involvement Book Kit.

More Recommend Early Readers

Early Readers
Kat’s Maps
by Loren Long, David Shannon, and David Gordon (Trucktown)
Kat makes maps of her room, // maps of her block, maps of her town,// . . . “

“Kat makes maps of her mind // and maps of her heart.”
Early Readers
Ice Cream for Breakfast
– Richard Scarry’s Great Big Schoolhouse Readers – by Erica Farber
Huckle put on his shirt backward. // He put on his pants backward. He put on his hat backward. Lowly did, too.

Early Readers
Pal and Sal
– Penguin Young Readers – by R.A. Herman
Pal waits. He nibbles some grass. He swishes his tail. // He tries to be good. But there is nothing to do.

Early Readers
The Big Fat Cow That Goes KaPow
by Andy Griffiths
Lumpy-Head Fred:
Have you heard about the boy called Lumpy-head Fred? //He sleeps at the top of a 100-decker bed! //But poor old Fred always falls out of bed. //Which is why he has such a lumpy, bumpy head.”
A thick, hilarious book of stories that looks like a chapter-book.

Early Readers
Fly Guy vs. the Flyswatter!
by Tedd Arnold
The tour guide brought
out a tiny fly in a jar.
“Release the fly!”
yelled Fred. //
The Super Swatter
started swatting //

Fly Guy cried,

Early Readers
What Puppies Do Best
by Laura Numeroff, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger
Puppies can chase a ball, // learn how to sit, // and give you their paw.”
Early Readers
Dinosaurs Don’t, Dinosaurs Do
by Steve Bjorkman
Dinosaurs don’t play like this. // Dinosaurs play like this. // Dinosaurs don’t tell others what to like. // Dinosaurs ask others what they want.
Fron Holiday House’s Picture Book series for emerging readers.

Boy, Bird, and Dog
by David McPhail
Boy went down. // He got a rope. // He got a pot. // Dog went in the pot. // Boy went up. He pulled the rope. // Dog was up.”
A full-sized picture book from Holiday House.

Early Readers
My Dog, My Cat
by Ashlee Fletcher
My dog barks. // My cat meows. // My dog likes steak. // My cat likes tuna.”
A full-sized picture book from Tanglewood Press.

Early Readers
Ant in Her Pants
Treasure Bay We Read Phonics by Paul Orshoski
Miss Grant got an ant in her pants. // It came up her sock . . . // . . . and gave her a shock.”
Very pleasing illustrations and a funny story.

The Lion and the Mice
 by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley
The mouse is stuck, She is lost, // The lion wakes, uh-oh, “I will eat you!” the lion roars. “No,” the mouse begs. “Do not eat me. I am lost.” // The lion lifts the mouse. She sees her house.
Colorful, artistic interpretation.

Early Readers
Around Town
 – Lego DK Readers – by Victoria Taylor
The fire truck rushes to the fire with its siren blaring. // One of the firemen tries very hard to put out the flames. A difficult job.
Lego fans LOVE this book – it’s my friend’s son’s favorite book ever.

The Neat Pig
– Read It Write It Draw It – by Nora Gaydos
Once upon a time, there was a little pig who liked to be neat. // He liked to sleep in a very clean bed. He liked to eat from a plate. And he liked to put on his neat, white coat.
This silly book is divided into three sections – first the story, then a fill in the blank retelling of the story, and then a sticker, coloring retelling section.

I’ve added each of these books to my new master book lists by age!


 Newmark Learning Early Learning Readers

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17 Responses

  1. One of our favorites is. Time for bed, the babysitter said by Peggy perry Anderson

  2. I am in total agreement with you on the real lack of excellent easy readers. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Grace Lin’s Ling and Ting: Not Exactly the Same. It won the Geisel and it has that same timelessness of a Little Bear book (to me at least).

    We are also enjoying Elephant and Piggie books because my son can read these out loud tome without much help, and Mr. Putty and Tabby series (LOVE those!). My older kids will come into the room when I read those out loud, they are so beloved.

    I also love the classics: Frog and Toad, Little Bear, and actually anything by Arnold Lobel.

    I’m going to segue into Advanced Picture Books very soon though and try to delay the chapter book series because I think the Advanced Picture Books are a much richer experience both in terms of experience and vocabulary.

  3. I like Nora Gaydos books. I haven’t read The Neat Pig yet. The schools in our area teach manuscript or DeNealian printing, so I haven’t bought these books. Trucktown and Fly Guy are fun too. Nice list. My kids are past the beginning reading stage. Enjoy this time with JJ. Having good books makes learning to read so fun. You have a nice list. I’m going to check out your Newmark Learning Early Reader post next. Here’s a link to some of my favorite books for Beginning Readers.

  4. I haven’t read most of these, but they look like great books to have for emergent readers. It is hard to find books at their “independent reading level” when they are so new to reading. We’ve been talking about writing on our blog this week and hope to touch on reading too. I shared your post on our FB page and would love to link back to you on our reading posts!

  5. Nice list, and I agree that it’s often hard to find good books for young readers. One of my favorite resources for books for kids is our local $1 book store. The books can be pretty beaten up sometimes, but most are in reasonable condition, with the kind of bends you’d expect your own kids to add to it soon enough. Makes it much easier to build a collection on a budget.

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