5 Fun Multiplication Games for Kids

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Multiplication games give kids fun ways to practice and reinforce those tricky multiplication fact families. Here are five easy games you can play with your kids or they can play on their own.

Multiplication Games for Kids


Multiples Game

SPEED is a game that familiarizes kids with the multiples of digets 2 through 9. Janine of True Aim Education writes that her daughter loves playing SPEED. Mine is more reluctant. However, I think it’s a great option for reinforcing multiples and fact families.
multiples game - Speed

2) Multiplication Bingo FREE printable here.

Print out these FREE Multiplication Flash Cards if you need those to go with the bingo game. Or buy multiplication flash cards. (*affiliate link)
multiplication bingo

3) Number Draw  Partners put your hands behind your back. On the count of three, show the fingers on your hands. The first person to say the product of the fingers shown wins the draw.
number draw

4) WAR with multiplication.
 In the traditional game of war, you divide up the deck and play your cards against the other player. The person with the highest card wins the pair. In multiplication war, the winner of the pair of cards is the person who can determine the product of the two cards first. (Ace = 1, J = 0, Q = 11, K = 12)
Additionally, you can buy a pre-made multiplication war game.
multiplication WAR

5) Cootie Catcher

Make a cootie catcher using the directions here.

On the outside, write whole numbers or colors.

On the first inside, write multiplication problems in one fact family.

On the second inside, the open flap part, write the answers.
multiplication cootie catcher

Games help kids learn. They’re playful and fun, cementing the learning. Consider buying or making your own multiplication game to help your kids in their times tables mastery.

Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards [Colors May Vary: Red, Blue or Black]Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards [Colors May Vary: Red, Blue or Black]Multiplication War (Flash Kids Flash Cards)Multiplication War (Flash Kids Flash Cards)Multiplication Bingo GameMultiplication Bingo Game


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5 fun multiplication games for kids 
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  1. Thank you for the list, Melissa. I wouldn’t have thought to turn some of these activities into multiplication games. Sharing on K12’s Pinterest!