Why I Like The Curious Kid’s Science Book

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The Curious Kids’ Science Book 100+ Creative Hands-on Activities for Ages 4 – 8 by Asia Citro, MEd is designed so kids THINK while discovering the joy of curiosity and science in real life. This book contains over 100 unique challenges, aka. learning opportunities, many of which aren’t in other science experiment books. (Hooray for originality!)

The Curious Kid's Science Book by Asia Citro

Why I Like The Curious Kids’ Science Book

  • Each challenge (experiment) has clear directions and good photographs.
  • These aren’t the same old (recycled) experiments in every book! I review a lot of books and I see the same 10 experiments over and over. One of this book’s experiments I haven’t seen before is to match the spout to its seed.
  • The book and experiments are well-organized.
  • I appreciate the extensions and real-life applications.
  • The challenges look interesting and fun.
  • The science is explained in kid-language.
  • I LOVE that the photos have kid-spelling and kids making the experiments!

Challenge: Keep Apple Slices from Turning Brown

The first experiment we tried was the challenge to keep apple slices from turning brown.

apple slice challenge from The Curious Kid's Science Book

We cut apple slices and put one each in ziplock bags. Then we added 1 ingredient per bag: salt, lemon juice, vinegar, sugar, and oil. And we observed.

apple slice challenge from The Curious Kid's Science Book

After 5 days, my kids felt the apples in the bags for firmness as well as looked at the apple’s color. They determined that lemon juice worked best!

science experiment for kids

The real-life application says that apples turn brown because of a chemical reaction between air and the fruit. It also asks kids to take a trip to the grocery store, look at the ingredients in bags of sliced apples, and figure out how those apples aren’t brown.

apple slice challenge from The Curious Kid's Science Book


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