DIY Flaxseed Aromatherapy Warming Pillow

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I just started a month-long liver cleanse. And yes, I feel horrible as I thought I would — but I hope that’s a good thing. My naturopath is helping me get rid of all the toxins that are preventing my body from absorbing vitamins and nutrients (among other issues). So while I was watching a video on how to do a Caster Oil Pack, I saw a GREAT idea — a heart-shaped flaxseed warming pillow. (Which can also be an aromatherapy pillow if you want.) And I made my own version of it– even though I’m not much of a seamstress. Which means you can make it, too. Because if I can do it, so can you!

My daughters struggle with tummy issues so I thought that this heart pillow would be perfect for them to cuddle with when tummy trouble arises. (In addition to a hot water bottle or a heating pad.)

DIY Flaxseed Aromatherapy Warming Pillow flaxseed heart warming pillows for children's tummies

First, why flaxseed?

I learned that flaxseed is better than rice (which I’ve done in the past) because flaxseed is:

On to the directions.


sturdy paper or funnel
sewing machine
hand sewing kit

I choose to make it different patterns on each side of the heart. I used heavy cotton — maybe next time I’ll try a flannel but for now this works.

I folded the material wrong side out in half and drew a half-heart.

DIY Flaxseed Aromatherapy Warming Pillow Heart Pillow 1

I cut out the heart on both fabric pieces. My intention was to make the heart wide more than tall.

DIY Flaxseed Aromatherapy Warming Pillow Heart Pillow 2

With the right-sides of the material pressed together and the wrong sides on the outside, I sewed around the edge almost entirely. I left a 1.5″ gap.

DIY Flaxseed Aromatherapy Warming Pillow heart pillow 3

See the gap?

DIY Flaxseed Aromatherapy Warming Pillow heart pillow 4

Then, I pushed the material inside out to make it right-side out.

Next, I made a paper funnel and poured flaxseed into my heart pillow using the gap in the sticking. Here’s where you can add in essential oils or lavender. (I choose not to do this but may add essential oils to the cotton pillow itself if my daughter wants.)

DIY Flaxseed Aromatherapy Warming Pillow heart pillow 5

Once my daughter decided how full she wanted the pillow, I hand sewed the gap closed.

DIY Flaxseed Aromatherapy Warming Pillow heart pillow 6


You can put this pillow in the freezer or microwave. It’s best if your child holds the heart upside down so the most coverage is in the intestinal area.

Also, this is a great gift idea for older adults–mother-in-laws, grandmas, and so on for Valentine’s Day or any day!

DIY flaxseed heart pillow for tender tummies

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  1. This is an amazing idea! I experience sore muscles often and the fact that you can freeze or microwave the pillow is awesome. I would add essential oils to help with the soreness of course. Thanks so much for sharing this!