Delightful New Picture Books

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If you’re looking for newly published picture books, summer 2017, keep these delightful choices in mind. Maybe even put some on hold at the library. Because there are lots of great books to read with kids.


Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017)

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer
I’m Silly (My First Comics) by Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm EMOTIONS
Tizzy Tornado is feeling silly. But Tizzy’s acted too silly and made his friends feel badly. Use this simple, relatable board book with fun comic illustrations to introduce children to emotions.


I’m already a big fan of Ghahremani’s artwork so was delighted to see her first picture book of hers. Stack the Cats is a playful counting book with gorgeous, eye-catching illustrations of cats doing typical cat things. “One cat sleeps // Two cats climb up and away. //Two cats hide, and two cats seek . . . ” I’m ready for the t-shirt, mug, and stationary.


Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017) 
Go Sleep In Your Own Bed!
by Candace Fleming and Lori Nichols HUMOR
Kids will love this funny story. Here’s why — it’s got hilarity, yes, but also the repetition of text and drama. Each animal goes to bed and finds another animal sleeping in the wrong bed. “Go sleep in your own bed!” the pig orders the cow, the cow orders the chicken, the chicken tells the horse, well, you get the picture. What will happen with the kitten? She gets to stay and cuddle in the little girl’s bed.


Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017) 
Warthog: A Counting Adventure
by Birdie Black, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw COUNTING
In this sweet, interactive lift-the-flap book, Warthog goes for a wandering walk. He discovers honey, bees, berries, flowers, monkeys, and so much more — including a scary lion who chases him all the way back home where he’s safe. An unexpectedly perfect adventure for the brave explorer in all of us. ADDED TO: Best Counting Books for Kids.


Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017)
Moo Moo in a Tutu
by Tim Miller HUMOR
Moo Moo wants to be a ballerina. His friend, Quackers, is a bit concerned since Moo Moo hasn’t ever had lessons but is a very supportive friend. Can you predict how this will go? I predict you will crack up! Love the speech bubbles and cartoon style illustrations, too.

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017)
Early Sunday Morning
by Denene Millner, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton FAMILY & CHURCH
It’s Sunday and Sarah and her family are going to church. But this day, Sarah is singing her first solo in the choir. As we watch she and her family prepare for services, she gets advice to help her nervousness, and a wonderful surprise when she does sing. This picture book is a beautiful portrayal of an African-American family and their church culture accompanied by outstanding illustrations.

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017)
Jabari Jumps
by Gaia Cornwall FACING FEAR
Jabari is ready to jump off the diving board. Mostly. His dad tells Jabari that he feels scared too, and sometimes after a deep breath and telling himself he is ready, the thing stops feeling scary and feels like a surprise instead. I like this advice. And it works for Jabari, too. Beautiful illustrations, perfect text to picture ratio, and a helpful, relatable story make this a new summer favorite. (ADDED to my big list of picture books with diverse main characters.)

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017)
Kid Amazing vs. the Blob
by Josh Schneider SUPERHERO KID
Fantastic artwork plus a mesmerizing story of a boy superhero who must defeat the Blob and his super gross stinking. Hilarious! Because the Blog is the Kid Amazing’s little brother. Luckily, Kid Amazing has some tricks up his sleeve. ADDED TO: Superhero Books for Kids

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017)
Good Morning, Grizzle Grump!
by Aaron Blecha HUMOR
Grizzle Grump is starving after a long hibernation but every time he finds food, the other animals take it first. What is going on? He’s so frustrated. And can you blame him? Then he finds out where all the food went — a surprise bear fair! Light-hearted and fun.

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017)
Shorty & Clem
by Michael Slack FRIENDSHIP
Shorty is SO excited to see that he’s received a box!! Until he sees it’s for his friend, Clem. But he just is so excited and can’t resist opening it. Not to worry. Clem knew this would happen. In fact, it was his plan all along.

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017) 
Prince and Pirate
by Charlotte Gunnufson, illustrated by Mike Lowery COOPERATION
Prince and Pirate are two unique fish who live in their own fish bowls. Until one day. That is the day they are moved to a tank together! They do not get along. AT ALL. They name call and pester each other up until they decide to help the new arrival, a small, scared dogfish. You’ll love the bright illustrations, hilarious dialogue, and strong personalities of Pirate and Prince.

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017)
The Great Jumperee
by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury ADVENTURE
There’s a GIANT JUMPEREE in Rabbit’s burrow! Who says scary stuff to Rabbit and his friends like he’s going to sting them like a bee, squash them like a flea, . . . until Mama Frog hops over. She counts to three and out jumps . . . Baby Frog! Your kids will love the building suspense and this funny surprise. Plus, I love the amazing Helen Oxenbury’s illustrations.

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017) 
Hattie & Hudson
by Chris Van Dusen FRIENDSHIP
Hattie’s sweet singing draws a large green “monster” reminiscent of the Loch Ness Monster out of the lake’s depths to investigate. The two become good friends. Unfortunately, the lake’s other residents are terrified of the so-called dangerous monster who Hattie has named Hudson. Hudson comes up with a brilliant idea to show the townspeople what they can’t yet see — his kind heart.

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017) 
Two mice each want the large rock — but first, they must get rid of the other mouse. Told in hilarious illustrations and only the word “mine”, you’ll crack up at the story and surprise ending.

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017)
by Mary Sullivan COOPERATION
Frankie is going home from the shelter. Is the bed Frankie’s? No. It’s Nico’s. The blankie, bed, rope, and puppy all are Nico’s. Poor Frankie. Will these two cute doggies learn to share? Gorgeous illustrations and simple text.

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017) 
Pete with No Pants
by Rowboat Watkins HUMOR
Pete’s a unique elephant with a big imagination who doesn’t understand why in the world he needs to wear pants. Quirky and tons of fun!

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017)
Morris Mole
by Dan Yaccarino DETERMINATION
None of the other moles listen to Morris’s idea when they need to find more food. So he just does it — and after digging UP, instead of down, he discovers a wonderful world of tasty food and beauty. Until a fox comes along. How will Morris avoid being eaten and still help his family?

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017)
by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic FRIENDSHIP
This fun story’s language just invites reading aloud. Platypus wants to play — so he finds animals and tries his best to fit in — skipping, hopping, dipping, dropping, and splat! Kangaroos, dingoes, possums, and fruit bats all make Platypus become Splatapus. Then he finds penguins who are swimmers just like him.

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017) 
The Wolf’s First Howling
by Laura McGee Kvasnosky, illustrated by Kate Harvey McGee INDIVIDUALITY
Big Wolf says Little Wolf is good at a lot of things but his howling technique isn’t right. Little Wolf’s style is quite unusual in fact — he beep-bops instead of aaaaoooos. Big Wolf listens. And then he joins in, accepting his son for who he is. Which is what all kids want and need from parents, right?

Delightful New Picture Books for Summer (2017) 
Dinosaur Pirates!
Begging to read out loud, this rollicking adventure of pirates searching for buried treasure will keep your kiddos well entertained this summer. ADDED TO: Best Pirate Books for Kids.

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