Totally Tubular Fraction Formula Game

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Affiliate Links Educational Insights Fraction Formula Game visually teaches children about fractions. It’s a fun math game for kids that is colorful, playful, and educational.

We love it!

Fraction Formula Game

More than that, my kids, even my six-year-old, are finally conceptualizing fractions! So, fun and learning in one game, what’s not to love?

To Play:

Each player starts with a cylinder.

To play, draw one fraction card from the card pile.

Drop the card’s corresponding fraction colored tile into the cylinder. For example, if you draw a 1/3 card, you put a 1/3 fizzy tile into your cylinder.

Play continues.

The object is to get as close to 1 whole without going over.

If a player draws a fraction that makes your tile go over the top line, that player automatically loses.

If you think you should stop adding fractions tiles because you’re too close to the top, you announce “hold” and stop playing.

Points are awarded by who gets closest to one whole — the top line with the second closest and third closest to one whole as second and third place.

The age recommendation is 8 – 11 but JJ is 6 and she did fine.

fraction game

I love this hands-on math game because it really helps us visually see the fractions. This is always a top pick for my kids on family game night.


Fraction Formula Hands-On Math Game

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  1. This looks like a very fun idea! I have a seven year old grandson who is excited about learning “whatever comes next” in his math class. This game would be a real treat for him.

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