Lovely Fairy Tales and Myths to Enjoy With Children

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Some of these newly published fairy tales and myth books are familiar while others are totally new.


Read these stories with your children. Then see what wonderful discussions you might have as you explore the richness and meaning of the stories together.


Fairy tales began as allegories to explain abstract concepts with themes of birth, death, love, jealousy, growing up, and more. They are unbelievable stories with magic and the supernatural that happened once upon a time.


Myths are symbolic, sacred stories from a specific culture. Often, they are stories that explain something such as a natural phenomena or the human condition. Myths, importantly, involve supernatural beings, or gods. Joseph Campbell says myths help readers find the meaning of life which he later explained was the “experience of life”.


“If you see the magic in a fairy tale, you can face the future.” – Danielle Steel


“Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales told me in my childhood than in any truth that is taught in life.” – Johann Schiller


(I’m a huge advocate of reading fairy tales with kids. Read my reasons here.)


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Fairy Tales to Enjoy With Children

Fairy Tales to Enjoy With Children - New Picture Books
The Elves and the Shoemaker (My First Fairy Tales)
adapted by Mara Alperin, illustrated by Erica-Jane Waters
Pastel colors and cheerful illustrations make this fairy tale come alive for young readers. Stan and Jan’s can’t understand why their shoe business is fading. Nor can they figure out who is making such beautiful shoes that help them get more customers. When they see who is helping them, Stan and Jan repay the elves with elf-sized clothing.


Fairy Tales to Enjoy With Children - New Picture Books
Sleeping Beauty
by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Erin McGuire
“Many see Time as a friend, and many see Time as a foe. But for sleeping beauty, Time was a promise.”  Rylant’s version of Sleeping Beauty includes the bigger concept of time, which I really love since fairy tales are meant to explore big concepts. This is a gentle retelling with serene illustrations.


Fairy Tales to Enjoy With Children - New Picture Books 
Little Red Riding Hood
illustrated by Ed Bryan
I think you’ll applaud this updated version of Little Red. Because Red is the one who saves herself, not a woodsman, and makes the wolf run far, far away. Go, Red! The illustrations feel fresh and modern making this picture book an excellent choice for younger readers.


Fairy Tales to Enjoy With Children - New Picture Books 
Jack and the Beanstalk
illustrated by Ed Bryan
I’m just not a big fan of this fairy tale in general, how about you? But, I will say that I really like the inviting illustrations from Ed Bryan in this classic story.


Fairy Tales to Enjoy With Children - New Picture Books
The Untold Story of the Tooth Fairy
by Jose Carlos Andres, illustrated by Betania Zacarias
Myths often explain the why (a Pourquoi tale) behind something. In this myth, we learn how the tooth fairy came to be. When the oyster loses her only pearl, the sea animals and a little mouse try to find it, or to find something similar. That’s when the mouse figures out that a tooth looks just like a pearl. The oyster agrees and becomes the Tooth Fairy. It’s a creative imagining of the why behind this childhood tradition.


Dynamic, eye-pleasing illustrations showcase an uplifting story of bravery and quick thinking. Arthur is just a kid but he manages to use his explorer skills to save his village from what he later learns is the Fenrir wolf. Your children will be introduced to the wonders of Norse mythology and Vikings while reading this appealing story.


Fairy Tales for Mr. Barker
Fairy Tales for Mr. Barker by Jessica Ahlberg (A Peek-Through Story)
Just as Lucy sits down to read fairy tales to her dog, Mr. Barker, he takes off. She follows him through the fairy tales and meets Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty, Jack, the Giant, and more. This is a delightful romp through many classic fairy tale worlds!


The Secret of the Kelpie fairy tales for kids
The Secret of the Kelpie
retold by Lari Don, illustrated by Philip Longson
In the spirit of a true fairy tale (with sinister elements) we learn about the enticingly dangerous Kelpie who lures you to the water only to drown you. Fortunately, in this story a quick-thinking sister deciphers the rock pictures and saves her siblings. I found this fascinating, would your kids?

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