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A homeschool reader wrote to ask me my recommendations for educational YouTube channels. Which is a really fantastic question — and deserves a few blog posts, don’t you think? Let’s start with the best  STEAM / STEM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) YouTube channels.

You know that it’s hard to sift through the massive amount of channels, and find what’s best and age-appropriate for your kids. You want clean entertainment that won’t surprise you with a bad word or innuendo. Your kids want something cool and not boring.

One way to find some of these ideas is to use the free YouTube channel app for kids. More info on that here but it’s more for younger kids than it is for elementary.

Here I’ve listed my favorite educational channels that are meant specifically for elementary-age students. In other words, kids ages 5 – 10.

It’s important to note that to truly be “STEAM” (or  “STEM” if you take out art), is that the content should cross over at least two of the science, technology, math, art, and math content areas.

However, for the purposes of this post, I’ve also included science only and math only YouTube channels as well as cross over STEAM YouTube channels.

Ready? Not boring, totally cool, and always appropriate channels coming up. . .

STEAM / STEM YouTube Channels

  1. Vi Hart
    Vi narrates these interesting videos on topics from spirals in math to Pi and Anti-Pi. This channel is STEAM since she incorporates science, math, and art!

2. Babble Dabble Do
I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE this channel’s content and ascetic! She does a brilliant job of combining the different STEAM topics into engaging experiments and activities.

3. Make: Workshop
The Make: Workshop shows cool videos about projects you can make — it’s all STEAM with topics for a wide variety of interests and ages.

4. Tinker Lab
Tinker, create, engineer, and craft. Watch as TinkerLab shows short and simple projects for the early elementary age kids.

5. What Do We Do All Day?
Learn how to mix math and art, science and engineering, and more.

6. Design Your World
From PBS’s Design Squad, learn how to make creative STEM projects like engineering cardboard furniture.

7. TedEd 
This channel from TedTalks has a little bit, er, a lot, of everything — math, science, language, you name it with cute animation and friendly narration.

Science YouTube Channels

  1. Smithsonian Science Education Center 
    From the Smithsonian and FableVision Studios, learn about specific science topics with a cartoon classroom.

2. MythBusters
My 13-year olds LOVES watching these fascinating shows that take urban legends and see if they’re true or not.

3. Gross Science
From PBS’s NOVA, this channel is all about gross science — which kids love!

4. HooplaKidz Lab
Learn fun, hands-on experiments with easy-to-follow, step-by-step STEM / STEAM YouTube videos.

5. Crash Course Kids
Get a crash course — aka. a short learning video — to learn about earth science, life science, engineering. These videos combine a real person (Sabrina) with cartoons and graphics and is about a 5th grade level according to the founders, John and Hank Green.

6. The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome
Puppets explore the world of science and wonder including genetics and astronomy. Love the production quality and the delightfully funny British puppets — LOVE the puppets explaining content to kids!

7. Wonder Quest
Stamp Cat talks about different science topics while having a Minecraft adventure.

8. Kids Animal Channel
Animal videos — what’s not to love!?

9. It’s Okay to Be Smart
Interesting science topics in well-done videos that are all under 10 minutes.

10. BrainCraft
The brain is SO amazing — learn more about the science of the brain — neuroscience and psychology on this YouTube channel for kids.

11. National Geographic Kids
These amazing videos are hosted by kids with all sorts of cool topics — pets, science, and inventions.

12. SciShow Kids
Meant for kids ages 5 – 9, this science YouTube channel is fantastic — with interesting (and slightly crazy) content. (Also, you can see it on the YouTube Kids App.)

13. Steve Spangler – The Spangler Effect
Get jazzed about science — big, fun science experiments!

14. Smarter Every Day
Awesome science info about everything — tattoos, the space station, beatboxing, how Houdini died — with an enthusiastic host who shows fast motion action. Super cool for STEM loving kids!

Math YouTube Channels

I like these cartoon videos that explain about math concepts — it corresponds to the free UMIGO website.

2. Readeez
Short videos that are both educational and catchy. I like the money videos especially.

3. Math Antics
For the older elementary age kids, this math channel talks about everything from addition to algebra.

4. Khan Academy
Probably the most familiar of the math YouTube channels for kids, this has the most math topics of any STEAM / STEM channel.

5. PBS Math
Five kids vblog to help your kids learn math concepts. Targeted to 7th grade, it’s worth mentioning here in case your children are advanced in math.

6. Disney Educational Publications
School House Rock videos and more for learning all on YouTube.

7. Math Bites with Danica McKellar
These are fun tongue-and-cheek videos to explain math concepts like percents, Pi, and binary numbers.

8. Flocabulary
Math, social studies, language arts — these rap songs are about a wide variety of topics. And, they’re catchy!

Did I miss any of your favorite STEAM / STEM YouTube channels? Comment below to let me know!

STEM & STEAM Youtube channels for kids

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