Geography and History YouTube Channels for Elementary

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Recently, I shared the best STEM / STEAM YouTube channels.  Now let’s look at the best geography and history YouTube channels for elementary kids, ages 5 – 11.

Geography YouTube Channels

Global Wonders DVD Series
This channel only has a few movies but it’s worth mentioning since you can buy the DVDs if you enjoy the content.

Are We There Yet? National Geographic
This channels is as good as you’d expect from National Geographic. Watch kids discover each location such as places in Mexico, France, and Peru. Really interesting!

MakeMeGenius Geography
Oriented for younger elementary students, this contains cute videos on topics such as different seasons, and landforms. (It also has science topics.)

Marbles the Brain Store
There’s only two geography videos on this channel but they are SO good!

History YouTube Channels

Are We There Yet? Hands on History, BBC
Wow — can you say relatable? These cartoons show a 10-year old in different time periods and they’re great!

This is a British video series of 26 cartoon episodes based on the books by the same name. The children’s British accents are a bit hard to understand but overall these can be helpful for learning. I prefer the next channel’s videos on the same topic.

Horrible Histories HD
We think these reenactments are HILARIOUS, sort of Monty Python-ish! I’m sure you will, too. We especially enjoy “Historical Masterchef” and the paramedics of different time periods.

60-second video clips on history, geography, science, pop culture, trivia, and other little-known facts that will expand your mind.

Educational Videos for Students
Although not a huge video selection, this channel offers diverse cartoon biographies and informational videos.

List 25
These can be mature so just preview the videos prior to watching. That being said, these are well-done, hand-drawing-a-cartoon videos (is there a better term for that?) of history and some geography.

Liberties Kids
Short but dated cartoons that provide storylines about American history.

History Teachers
Learn about history’s famous figures sung as re-made popular songs. The video quality isn’t great but these are kind of cute.

Crash Course 
Fast-talking John Green will give you a quick overview of different historical topics, among other things. I’m including this channel because I think the history crash courses can be understood by elementary age kids; the science and math crash courses, not so much.

Smart Songs
Catchy rap songs about history.

Any history or geography YouTube channels I missed? Let me know in the comments!

awesome list of geography and history YouTube channels for elementary students and homeschoolers

13 geography and history YouTube channels for elementary students

13 geography and history YouTube channels for elementary students

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