Free Printable Halloween Treasure Hunt

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This weekend, you can sneak in a little reading and rhyming with this free, printable Halloween Treasure Hunt. Help younger kids with the reading and rhyming or modify the clues.

And, I’ll even tell you how to write your own!

Free Printable Halloween Treasure Hunt

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Make Your Own Printable Treasure Hunt

1. Open up a word processing program. Write out the answers to where your kids will find each clue. For example, piano, sink, shoes, or closet.

2. Go to Rhyme Zone. Enter each of the treasure hunt answers in order to find rhyming words that would work in a clue for that answer.

3. Use those rhyming words to write a two-sentence clue on a new page of your document.

The first sentence in a clue will end with the word that rhymes with your answer.
This next sentence answer will end with the answer but leave it blank.


Halloween night is filled with gloom.
Here comes a witch, on her ______.

answer: broom

5. If you want to make your clues fancy, add in clip art using Microsoft Office’s free choices.

6. Print out your treasure hunt clues then hide the clues in order. I like to add #1, #2, #3 on the clues for my own organization. And don’t forget to keep track of the answers so you know where to hide everything.

7. Have fun!

Prizes At the End of Your Treasure Hunt

A pumpkin to carve (20 ideas on Red Ted Art)

Halloween popcorn

Halloween Mad Libs (printable on Are We There Yet?)

Happy hunting!

Halloween Treasure Hunt


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  1. lovely blog Melissa. Interesting Halloween treasure hunt riddles and clues combinations with clip art. Finally we get own scavenger hunt card.

  2. My kids would have a great time with this treasure hunt! Thanks for linking to my list of Mad Libs!!