Tugie – Fun Coordination Game for the Family

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Tugie, a new game from the always inspiring Marbles the Brain Store, is a quick and fun fine motor skills game for the whole family. We found it to be a great family game night choice, good for lots of giggles.

Tugie – Fun Coordination Game for the Family

Start with the pieces on the tower. Make sure the gray is on the very top when you start.

Roll the die to see which color to remove from the tower. Players can only remove pieces under the gray piece.

Carefully remove the piece — the place it back on top. If any other pieces fall off, you keep them!

The player at the end with the least amount of pieces wins.

See how easy?

And quick?

You’ll want to play this when you only have a short time. We play games every night before bed so this is always a factor for us . . . how much time do we have before bedtime?

Tugie 3

Anytime pieces fall off, hilarity ensues! Because what’s more funny than watching stuff fall off!? (And watching your sister or dad lose?)

Tugie is recommended for ages 5+ and is available online at Marbles the Brain Store.



Tugie 2


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