Table Time Learning Tablecloth

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Affiliate Links I’m loving the Table-Time Look & Learn “Mostly Math” learning tablecloth! Can you imagine sitting at this educational tablecloth? Your kids, ages 18 mos. to 6 years, will discover 20 fun, interactive math concepts.

Table Time Learning Tablecloth for PreK – K

Here’s the whole picture of what’s on the tablecloth . . . Look how many concepts!

Table Time Tablecloth Makes Learning Playful

Sit here and you’ll get to practice your phone number.

Table Top learning tablecloth

Sit by this section and you’ll learn about counting by fives and tens.Table Top

Or practice subtraction with numbers and visuals.
Table Time Tablecloth 2

Look at the seasons, months of the year, and the time on a clock.

Look and Learn Tablecloth

Don’t you think this is a delightful way to learn? The Table-Time Look and Learn tablecloth covers:
  • Comparisons, counting, addition and subtraction

  • Hours, days, months, seasons

  • Names of common and uncommon shapes

  • Greater than, less than

  • Plus one and minus one counting

  • Counting to 50 by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s.  

  • Counting backwards from 50

  • and much more!

The tablecloth is 52″ x 72″, perfect for rectangular or oblong tables. It’s made from PEVA which is a PVC-free material. 

What do you think? Would your kids be enticed to play with math on this learning tablecloth?

Table Time Pinterest

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