4th Grade Summer Reading List (Ages 9 – 10)

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By the time your child is in 4th grade, it’s absolutely vital he or she continue to read at least 20 minutes a day. Did you know that summer learning loss will affect his or her reading comprehension if you skip reading over the summer? So look through this fourth-grade reading book list to find the best books for summer vacation that will keep your kid reading.

It’s win-win if you get your kids hooked on a series! Once they get hooked on one book, there’s plenty more to read. You’ll see below that I’ve indicated which books are in a series.

Do you want to know if a book is at your child’s reading level? Since these books are on Amazon, click to preview the book. Ask your child to read 1 random full page of text. If she misses between 1 – 5 words, the book is JUST RIGHT, meaning it’s at her comprehension level. 0 is too easy, which is fine but not all the time. Over 5 means the book is too challenging.

That being said, any books that are too challenging make perfect read alouds. Or, try them on audiobook.

Summer reading programs can be great motivation for your fourth graders. I love programs that give free books as a reward.

Don’t miss this free reading printable for summer as well as a different free summer “Brain Camp” learning printable – it will keep you organized for summer learning.

4th Grade Reading List (age 9 – 10) for Summer

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4th Grade Summer Reading: Fantasy

If your 4th-grade child likes fantasy books, read:

4th Grade Summer Reading: Adventure and Mystery

If your 4th grader likes adventure & mystery stories, they’ll love:

4th Grade Summer Reading: Realistic


If your 4th-grade child likes realistic stories, read:

4th Grade Summer Reading: Funny

If your 4th-grade child likes funny books, you’ll love:

4th Grade Summer Reading: Historical Fiction Books


If you like historical fiction, you’ll love

4th Grade Summer Reading Booklist: Nonfiction

If you like nonfiction, try these books:

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  1. Is there a link on Amazon where I can purchase all the summer reading books for 4th grade?

  2. I’d like a printable copy of your fourth grade summer reading list. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much, I am trying to get everything on order for summer. I APPRECIATE all your help with our summer reading .

    Lucrecia Alexander

    1. My students loved Matt Christopher books. (realistic fiction/sports)

    2. Mike Lupica books are great sports fiction as well as The Crossover and Booked by Kwame Alexander.