18 Exciting Graphic Novels for 4th Graders

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I love recommending graphic novels for 4th graders because graphic novels often help kids read more more–which is the goal, right?

I’m a former 4th-grade teacher with a Master’s in Education and a parent of two children, one of whom was a reluctant reader. These are books that I know 4th boys and girls love. I have read each book on this list and highly recommend good choices that are also age-appropriate and reading-level-appropriate.

Yes, I read all the books and write these reviews without AI or pasting from publishers. Why does that matter to you as a parent, grandparent, teacher, or librarian? You can trust that someone qualified (me) has done the work for you to save you time.

graphic novels for 4th graders

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    Graphic Novels for 4th Graders

    Best Books for 4th Graders (9 Year Olds)

    Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi
    This popular graphic novel series is about two siblings trying to save their mom, who was taken to an underground world of elves, demons, robots, and talking animals. Beautiful artwork with compelling characters and an adventurous plot make this a hit with young readers.

    Phoebe and Her Unicorn: A Heavenly Nostrils Chronicle by Dana Simpson
    Sarcastic and hilarious, this is a laugh-out-loud graphic novel book series for 4th graders about a precocious young girl and her reluctant unicorn “best friend.
    Both my girls say this is one of their favorite graphic novels of all time. It is for me, too! I LOVE the humor so much. BOXED SET

    Best Books for 4th Graders (9 Year Olds)

    First Cat in Space by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Shawn Harris 
    Absurdly hysterical, this bizarre adventure in space is one of the best graphic novels for 4th graders! When rats eat a second of the moon, the world’s leaders send their secret weapon– a cat and a stowaway toenail-clipping robot. The two adventurers meet the Queen of Moonopolis, who leads them beneath the moon’s surface through the mine tunnels, where they have more silly adventures until they GET CAPTURED. But don’t worry — somehow, they’ll escape. Right?

    Allergic by Megan Wagner Lloyd and Michelle Mee Nutter
    A well-done middle-grade graphic novel about a child with allergies! Maggie is devastated that she’s allergic to the puppy she’s finally allowed to get. But, she befriends a new girl next door who becomes a fun, safe solace in her life…until that friend gets a puppy which Maggie interprets this her new friend not wanting to be friends anymore. Eventually, the two friends work out a solution for hanging out that won’t be a problem for Maggie’s allergies. The story ends with Maggie helping with her new baby sister and feeling like she doesn’t need an animal pet anymore.

    Things in the Basement by Ben Hatke
    This beautifully drawn and narrated clever graphic novel adventure is set in the world of…the basement. When Milo’s baby sister loses her special pink knit sock, he goes to find it in the basement. The basement leads Milo to another basement, and then another basement, and to a whole labyrinth of basement worlds. He befriends a friendly skull named Chuckles, an eyeball creature named Weepie, and a ghost named Belle. Milo uses the sock’s yarn, help from his ghost friend, and his problem-solving skills to rescue his friends from the Gobbler and return home with the pink sock. This is a fantastical, magical journey of friendship, kindness, and secret worlds!

    Kristy’s Great Idea Babysitter’s Club Full-Color Graphix Novel by Ann M. Martin, illustrated by Raina Telgemeier
    We love these updated Babysitter’s Club graphic novels by the uber-talented Raina Telegemeier. It’s a good idea to start with book 1 since the stories are told in sequential order. These are funny and fun to read, maybe even more than once. BOX SET HERE.

    Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke
    Jack takes care of his little sister, Maddy, while his mom is at work. But in this modern version, Jack trades the family’s one valuable thing, his mom’s car, for seeds. Of course, everything goes downhill from there… The seeds turn into a freaky, monster-growing garden. Their neighbor secretly steals some of the seeds and a dragon appears with a dire warning right before Maddy is kidnapped by one of the monsters! Action, adventure, intrigue, these books for 4th graders are so much fun to read! Don’t miss the sequel, Mighty Jack and the Goblin King.

    Katie the Catsitter by Colleen AF Venable, illustrated by Stephanie Yue
    If you like mystery, adventure, and CATS, you won’t want to miss this entertaining graphic novel! Katie desperately wants to join her friends at their summer camp. To earn money, she gets a job for her neighbor Madeline cat sitting 217 cats. But these are super-smart cats with destructive behaviors and powerful abilities, not to mention that Katie finds evidence that her neighbor might be the supervillain, Moustress. Then, when the Moustress gets captured, Katie decides she and the cats must take action and save their friend. One of the best graphic novels for 4th graders!

    Two-Headed Chicken by Tom Angleberger 
    Hilarious!! If your readers like wacky, bizarre humor, this will be your 4th graders’ next favorite book series. This is a story about the multiverse in which you are a two-headed chicken being chased by a moose…and it’s laugh-out-loud funny. Follow the two-headed chicken through the multiverse, take funny quizzes, meet a fish with deep feelings and a lawyer, and learn about so much more! 

    Sparks by Ian Boothby, illustrated by Nina Matsumoto
    After escaping the evil laboratory, cats August and Charlie help others in a “Super Dog” dog disguise. But their evil scientist nemesis, a diaper-wearing baby named Princess, will stop at nothing to recapture the escaped cats…and conquer the entire world. These books for 4th graders are filled with adventure, friendship, and humor!

    good books for 4th graders

    Your Pal Fred by Michael Rex 
    Fred is a robot who brings kindness (and STICKERS!) to a dystopian world he makes better in this funny, warmhearted, and interesting story. When Fred discovers that two warlords are capturing innocent people to fight as soldiers for them, Fred goes on a quest to ask the two bad guys to try peace. He both irritates and surprises everyone with his cheerfulness and positive attitude, even when he’s caught and “tortured” with drumming, which, of course, he loves. His character oozes charm, you can’t help but love him–along with the other curious characters that he meets.

    Bad Kitty Supercat by Nick Bruel 
    Bad Kitty’s owner tells Bad Kitty to get off screens and play with some other cats. But Bad Kitty isn’t happy about having playdates. Eventually, Playdate Candidate #4 (Strange Kitty) brings imagination and comic books. Then, Strange Kitty helps Bad Kitty find his superhero persona –just in time to meet the supervillain! Playful, imaginative, and hilarious–this is my new favorite Bad Kitty book and his first graphic novel.

    Crabgrass Comic Adventures by Tauhid Bondia 
    These friendship adventures of Kevin and Miles are hilarious. Although this is not a straight graphic novel for 4th graders per se, it’s close–a comic book of stories that 4th grade readers will love! These stories are fun, hilarious, relatable, and entertaining. If you like Calvin and Hobbes, you’ll love this good book for 4th graders.

    Big Nate Welcome to My World by Lincoln Peirce
    I think the Big Nate graphic novels for 4th graders are even better than the prose novels — they are incredibly funny! Lincoln Peirce “gets” kids and their struggles — the episodes will keep you and your 4th grade boys and girls laughing.

    Ride On by Faith Erin Hicks
    Norrie loves horses and the low-key stables where she works and rides. She welcomes the new girl, Victoria, who rejects her offer of friendship because Victoria has decided that no friends means no drama. But another friend at the stables connects to Victoria about their friend group with a favorite science fiction show. They find common ground, forgiveness, and mutual support. It’s a beautifully knit-together, relatable story of friendship, horses, being yourself, and growing in confidence.

    Rapunzel’s Revenge by Shannon Hale & Dale Hale
    This Rapunzel story is set in the Wild West. Rapunzel uses her braids to lasso bad guys while searching for her mother with her sidekick Jack. We love this book — it’s one of our favorite graphic novels for 4th graders.

    Stepping Stones by Lucy Knisley
    After her parents’ divorce, Jen and her mom move to a farm with her mom’s boyfriend, whose kids visit on the weekends. It’s a huge transition — she doesn’t love how bossy and whiney her stepsisters are and how annoying her mom’s boyfriend is. But she loves the chicks and the farmer’s market.  She loves it until her math skills aren’t good enough to be helpful. This story gently shows the ups and downs of living with a new family in a new place.

    Lunch Lady by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
    If you haven’t read these addictive and hilarious graphic novels, they are a must — anyone who has eaten lunch in school will appreciate the humor, even parents love these books.

    Graphic Novel Hybrids — Prose Plus Illustrations or Comics

    the last kids on earth

    The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier, illustrated by Douglas Colgate
    This hilarious book makes the zombie apocalypse seem fun. Jack and his best friend Quint live in an upgraded, well-defended treehouse where they plan to rescue June (she doesn’t need rescuing) and fight zombies. Illustrations throughout make this even more appealing to read and imagine. It’s so popular, that it’s now a tv series. Your 4th graders will love this series. BOXED SET HERE.

    Link + Hud Heroes by a Hair by Jarrett Pumphrey and Jerome Pumphrey
    Jarrett and Jerome are brothers with BIG imaginations. When they go on imaginary adventures, read those in a graphic novel format. They also use their creative powers to get rid of babysitters. Currently, they’re working on terrorizing their older babysitter, Ms. Joyce. But she’s smart–and isn’t fooled by the boys’ behavior. In fact, she saves their dad’s failing hair product business by turning it into a cleaning product. Kids will love the action, humor, and fun of this illustrated adventure book for 4th graders!

    Olga and the Smelly Thing From Nowhere by Elise Gravel
    If you LOVE kooky books, this book fits the bill. Olga finds a most unusual, unknown creature whom she names “MEH” after the sound it makes. She uses her deductive reasoning to figure out what it is (something new!) and what it likes to eat (olives)! But what will she do when Meh disappears? Things I love about this book: 1) the illustrations — they rock! 2) the narrator’s voice — it’s believable and funny 3) the plot — especially the mean girls who aren’t so mean after all.

    The Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
    One of the most popular book series ever, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, shares the hilarious story of Greg, in his own words and drawings. Life in middle school is not easy. And Greg is here to prove it! One thing you’ll notice about these books is that kids will read them more than once, which is great if you have them all.

    Once Upon a Tim by Stuart Gibbs
    Hilarious, illustrated, and perfect for fantasy and adventure 4th graders! Tim and his sister Belinda are peasants who hope to improve their lot in life, so they sign up as knights for a not-very-brave prince and his so-called magician sidekick to find and rescue Princess Grace from a monster. Helpful foreshadowing, a strong narrative voice, and humor, plus helpful life lessons from Belinda about the patriarchy and great vocabulary words make this one funny read.

    Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo
    Quirky and delightful, this is the tale of a girl named Flora who rescues a squirrel and keeps it as a friend. Together, they experience the world in a unique, funny, and wonderful way and straighten it out, too — especially Flora’s mother.


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