50 Best 5th Grade Books for Summer Reading

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Need the best 5th grade books for summer reading? This list of books for your kids, ages 10 or 11, are organized by genres to help you find a good middle grade book for every interest and reader.

If you’re new to Imagination Soup, welcome! I’m a former teacher, a mother, a writer, and an avid children’s literature reader. I read over 1000 books a year and pick the best books to share with you!

Download the free printable of this summer reading list. NOTE: If you don’t see the printable sign-up below, please clear your cache and try again.

Speaking of picking books, let your readers choose the books they want to read from this list! Why? Because book choice is crucial to ownership and motivation.

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I’m not including reviews on this book list for 5th graders, but you can read all my book reviews and recommendations for 5th graders here.

5th grade books to read

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that these books are good choices for other grade levels, too.

However, if you want other book lists of easier or harder book lists, check these summer reading lists:

Summer Reading List for 4th Grade

Summer Reading List for 6th Grade.

See ALL summer reading lists here.

Remember, summer reading programs can be a great motivation for your fifth graders. I especially love programs that give free books as a reward. Even better, when they give readers the book first!!

Don’t miss this free reading printable for summer as well as a different free summer “Brain Camp” learning printable.

Best 5th Grade Books to Read for Summer Reading (Ages 10 – 11)

Fantasy Summer Reading Book Ideas for 5th Grade

If you like fantasy and sci-fi, you’ll love:

Adventure Summer Reading for 5th Grade

If you like adventures, you’ll love

Mystery Summer Reading for 5th Grade

If you like mysteries, you’ll love:

Historical Fiction Summer Reading for 5th Grade

5th Grade Books to Read: HISTORICAL FICTION

If your 5th grader likes historical fiction, they’ll love one of these middle grade choices:

5th Grade Books to Read: REALISTIC

5th Grade Books to Read: REALISTIC

If you like realistic fiction, try reading one of these excellent 5th grade books:

5th Grade Books for Summer Reading: FUNNY

If you like funny books, you’ll laugh your way through these choices:

5th Grade Books to Read: ANIMALS

If you like animal stories, you’ll love:

5th Grade Books to Read: NONFICTION

What about NONFICTION? Here are some great choices:

Don’t forget to find ways to make reading FUN!

Participate in a summer reading program.

Read with a headlamp in bed.

Read on an electronic device. (Free eBooks?)

Start a book club.

Reward reading with . . . more BOOKS! (Kids choose, of course.)

Read nonfiction books and graphic novels, too.

Even More Book Suggestions for Your 5th Graders:

–> More Book Recommendations Plus REVIEWS for 5th Graders

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  1. I love your lists! They have been so helpful in finding books for my 11 year old, reluctant reader! Thank you so much!

  2. Hello this is a nice resource to have but I was looking more for classic books recommended for my son’s age 10yo? I’m I missing a list somewhere?

  3. I could not find a printable Summer Reading List for fifth grade, and I really like what you have for the other grade levels. I am the librarian for a private school, and I would love to share your lists with my students.

      1. I agree. I love the books lists and would like to share with the families at my school; however, I am unable to find printable lists for many of the grades. Only Pre-K, 1st, and 4th are working for me.

      2. Hello! Love your site and the resources it provides for myself (with my own children) and for my school. I tried the 5th grade link above and it says “page not found.” Is there another link to try? Thanks for sharing!

  4. You have the BEST book lists. I know I can trust your decisions and they’ll make every member of my family happy. Whether we’re listening to them on audio books or reading together. They’re great!

  5. I have read the book The One and Only Ivan with my class it is an amazing book for children.