Words Over Easy Game for Families

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For all of you Wordle fans, train up your kids to make words with random letters– and become better spellers and wordsmiths while having fun with the game Words Over Easy from Winning Games!

Words Over Easy game

Words Over Easy Game for Families

Words Over Easy is a family game for ages 8 and up — with letter eggs for making words.

The object of the game is to write as many words as you can. But here’s the twist. Put the eggs in the sorter. You must only use ALL  the letters in the green section to write words — and none of the letters in the red section.

You can add more letters to the green ones as long as they’re not on the red side.

In the above example, you can use G, A, and R but not T, H, P, you might write the word grain or grade but you can’t write great.

Use the egg timer (so many eggs!) and when it ends, you can count up your points.

If you want to make Words Over Easy even harder (we didn’t), use the category cards then you can only write words in that category like “vegetables” shown below.

Words Over Easy Game for Families

My husband and daughter (17 years old) LOVED playing this word game.

I am terrible at word puzzles and games so I only liked it.

So if your family loves words, you’ll enjoy this quick game.

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