13 Dead End Drive is a Diabolically Fun Family Strategy Game

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Ready for a new family game pick? If you like CLUE, you’re going to love 13 Dead End Drive. (Even my 17-year-old loved it although it’s meant for ages 8 and up.)

Some of you might remember it from years past. Well, it’s BACK. And we, for one, are glad!

13 Dead End Drive

Winning Moves Games recently sent me a review copy (thank you!) and we’ve already played the game three separate times over the last month. Meaning, it’s a keeper! (And I don’t always say that. We’ve tried many games that I would never tell you about because they were too complicated or just not that fun.)

13 Dead End Drive is an entertaining strategy game for 2 to 4 players. Channel your inner murderous tendencies, knock off the other players, and inherit good old Aunt Agatha’s fortune.

In fact, in our experience, the winner is usually the person who is most enthusiastic about killing the others. (My daughter!)

Also, why does she win every game? Is it because I donated all of my good brain cells to her? I did not agree to lose all the games. (Grrr!)

The board game board itself looks amazing because it’s covered with traps to kill off the other characters. Simply position the other players (you can move any character), draw the proper card, and flick a lever. And BAM! A statue topples over. a chandelier falls down, a fireplace flips someone through and out the other side, or a bookshelf falls over. They’re DEAD!

Plus, who doesn’t love flipping a lever to see the chandelier fall on top of another player’s character? Or watch the statue crash into a character?

It’s diabolical and hilarious. We love it and can’t wait for you to try it, too.



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