2021 Activity Books and Kits

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Are you like me and stocking up for summer learning and reading? These new books and kits will get you started. Then, use the links below to see ALL recommendations for workbooks, kits, activity books, sticker books, and more.

2021 Activity Books and Kits

Give this Book a Cover: Spark Your Imagination with Over 100 Activities
by Jared Lerner and You
ages 8 – 12
Drawing and writing prompts will give kids fun activities to complete on their own. They’ll get to finish a comic panel story, write a story about a cactus, learn to draw in steps, and much more. Engaging, perfect for summer.

Invitation to Draw: 99 Drawing Prompts to Inspire Kids’ Creativity
by Jean Van’t Hul
ages 6 – 12
What a beautiful, inviting book! The drawing prompts are framed and printed on ONLY ONE side of the page only so if you’re using markers, paint, or pens, you won’t ruin the other side — I love that. Even better, they’re perforated so you can work on them without the whole book, give them away, or put them on display!!  Jean created prompts which are empty picture frames with a few lines of a drawing and a question or prompt. Jean writes, “This is not to say that the kids don’t draw creatively when working on blank paper..A drawing prompt can act as a magical solution for creative engagement.” She suggests you might use this with your drawing tools any time at home or during travel; She says that you could copy or laminate the prompts, gift the prompts with art supplies to a friend, or send a drawing prompt to a friend or relative.

Want some examples? (See above, for a couple.) One triangle-filled page is titled Triangle Art and it says “Create your own abstract artwork by filling the triangles with different colors. Another page has a sort of blog shape in the middle and is titled “Monster Roll.” It says, “Roll a die to determine how many of the following to draw on your monster: eyes, arms, legs, or tentacles, teeth.”
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Puzzlooies Space Cats to the Rescue
by Russell Ginns and Jonathan Maier, illustrated by Kristen Terrana-Hollis
ages 7 – 11
Kids will love this fun, interactive, and silly adventure story with lots of illustrations, jokes, and puzzles. They’ll have to read the chapters, solve the puzzles, and pay close attention to the mysterious messages and clues. In this story, an asteroid is about to hit Earth! The problem (besides the asteroid) is that the astronauts who are supposed to defend the Earth have food poisoning. Who can help instead? How about cat-stronauts?
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One of Our Giant Robots Is Missing: A Solve-the-Story Puzzle Adventure
by Russel Ginns and Jonathan Maier, illustrated by Andy Norman
ages 7 – 11
At Roboland, Alicia gets separated from her classmates. She wanders into the employee’s only area and overhears them talking about dismantling her favorite robot, MegaTom. She knows it’s up to her to save him. Help her save MegaTom by solving the puzzles and mazes before the employees find out and catch up to them. You’ll love this exciting, interactive puzzle adventure from Puzzlooies!
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Forge Your Dragon World: A Wings of Fire Creative Guide
by Tui T. Sutherland, illustrated by Mike Holmes
ages 8 – 12
If you love to write and imagine fantasy worlds, this will help you invent your own graphic novel story with writing prompts to help you create your own dragon characters, the universe, and adventures.
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Bored Games: 100+ In-Person and Online Games to Keep Everyone Entertained
by Adams Media
ages 5 – 14
Who else needs this book right now? If you’re ready to add in some new family fun, this book will give you and your kids game ideas you’ve never thought of or heard of and maybe some you have. Learn how to play “All Thumbs”, “Cheese Taste-Off”, “Gum Bobbing”, and “Office Supply Fishing”. Each game idea has easy-to-follow directions with the sidebar that lists the number of players and any necessary supplies.
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Just Between Us Mother & Daughter: The Interactive Journal and Activity Book by Meredith and Sofie Jacobs
ages 7+
A perfect gift for mom, this colorful journal provides spaces for mother-daughter conversation, memories, and dreams with spaces to write, draw, map, stencil, and sticker.
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Sew Mini Gardens

ages 10+
Sew your own garden plants — using the book of colorful, step-by-step instructions and the provided materials like felt and stuffing. Darling.

Tropical Tie-Dye Soap

ages 6+
Make four soaps using custom molds and dye tablets.

My First Rock and Gem Collection

ages 4+
Learn about rocks with these rock samples, field guide, and mystery rock excavation kit. Also included are rocks you can decorate with paint and googly eyes.

Light-Up Rock & Gem Collection

ages 8+
Not only does this set contain 29 unique rocks, gems, and minerals but it also includes a 32-page book with rock details and activities.

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