Experiential Stuffed Animal Writing Idea For Kids

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Get your imaginations ready for a fun experiential writing adventure! You’ll be taking your best friend (aka. favorite stuffed animal) for a walk and narrating the story as it might happen if your friend were real.

Experiential Stuffed Animal Writing Idea For Kids

This kind of doing and writing is great for young writers for many reasons such as:

  • SENSORY DETAILS: Descriptions can include the sensory details easily because you’re experiencing them while writing. The hot sun, the wet grass, the singing birds . . .
  • SEQUENCING: Young writers are doing the story in the sequential order that they will write down. Beginning, middle, and end becomes much more clear.


stuffed animal
pencil, colored pencils
blank book
backpack or bag to hold everything

Experiential Stuffed Animal Writing Idea For Kids

  1. Grab your supplies and go for a walk in your neighborhood.
  2. Imagine what your stuffed animal friend would say and do — is he or she scared? excited? curious?
  3. Every different setting and experience (crossing the street, climbing a tree, noticing a dog), stop, sit, imagine, and WRITE!
  4. Write down the story as you go and illustrate later.

Guide your child with questions. Ask about what they feel, hear, and see. Ask about the action, their feelings, their friend’s feelings. Ask what happens next, and so forth.

Before you know it, your child will have written a story and had a blast doing it!

Experiential Stuffed Animal Writing Idea For Kids

Kids will want to share their stories with you and with their friends. They might even like to read the stories at bedtime. Let them. This is so worth celebrating and honoring!

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful ideas. I needed some help inspiring my 9 year old daughter to watch less, read more, write more and create more. She was starting to slide into simply consuming without much selective control. Your site is a source of inspiration and comfort. God bless!