Best Preschool Activity Books For Ages 3 – 5

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Toddlers and preschoolers benefit from quality preschool activity books. In fact, all of these will build skills in kids who are ages 3 to 6. But even better for kids, these books are fun!!

What skills will your 3-year-olds to 5-year-olds preschool kids learn and practice with these books?

  • fine motor skills
  • math skills including number sense
  • visual discrimination
  • problem solving

As we face more time at home, use these activity books to help your kids build attention spans and stamina as well. (You’ll be glad for it.)

Best Preschool Activity Books For Ages 3 – 5

Best Preschool Activity Books For Ages 3 - 6
My First Book of Cutting 
ages 3 – 5
This book is super motivating to kids, my own included. Grab some kid scissors and practice cutting on the thick lines. Great for building fine motor skills. Not to mention, cutting is essential to know before entering kindergarten.

Best Preschool Activity Books For Ages 3 - 6
Wipe Clean: Early Learning Activity Book by Roger Priddy
ages 2 – 5
Kids love these brightly colored write-and-wipe books for practicing numbers, letters and more. Wipe clean and reuse! I also like Pen Control which has younger kids work on drawing lines — squiggly, zig-zag, and more.

Best Preschool Activity Books For Ages 3 - 6
Easy Mazes by Shinobu Akaishi, Eno Sarris
ages 2 – 4
This book of mazes is just right for your younger kids developing pencil skills.

First Big Book of Coloring
My First Big Book of Coloring
ages 3 – 5
Chunky black lines illustrate shapes that toddlers and preschoolers can easily recognize and color.

I Can Do That! Erasable Art 
by Gakken
ages 3 – 5
Use a crayon or dry erase marker to design and color different simple illustrations like socks, a shirt, a lion, and an airplane.

I Can Do That Origami 
by Gakken
ages 3 – 5
While not technically origami, this book gives kids the chance to cut with scissors and fold on the line. The activities are playful, making the activities not seem like fine motor practice but fun.

Highlights Hidden Pictures Sticker Book
ages 3 – 6
Younger learners can the stickers to find the hidden objects. So fun! My kids always preferred the sticker hidden picture books to the color books.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book

ages 4 – 8
My daughter loved this book so much when she was younger — it’s filled with things to write, color, draw, and build. Highly recommended.

best preschool activity books
PBS Sticker Smart Art Colors and Shapes
ages 3+
Kids use the reusable, colorful geometric shapes to complete the pictures of a picnic, robots, flowers, backyards, and more. Placing the stickers on the pages builds fine motor coordination and shape recognition. Completion is like finishing a puzzle, just in a book. If you like this preschool activity book, you’ll also love the Sticker Smart Art Around the World book.

  best preschool activity books
Summer Brain Quest Pre-K & K
ages 4 – 6
The Brain Quest books are my favorites and my kids’ favorite learning workbooks. They’re very clearly organized, appealing, and kid-appropriate.

I Can Do That! Stickers
by Gakken
ages 3 – 5
What an adorable early learning reusable sticker book that helps kids with fine motor skills through math and problem-solving activities. They’ll see the stickers to match numbers to groups of things or matching shapes or going through a maze. I love the brightly colored illustrations in this, don’t you?!

Seek and Find Wonderland
by Tiago Americo, illustrated by Benjamin Becue
ages 4 – 7
Talk about cute, captivating illustrations! We love the pages filled with colorful, adorable fairytale characters and settings — Princesses and Princes, Monsters, Animal Tales, and Deep Sea Adventures.

best preschool activity books
EyeLike Trucks: 400 Reusable Stickers

ages 4 – 8
Do your kids love truck and construction and emergency vehicles? Then they’ll love this preschool activity sticker book! The front and back covers are backgrounds for your truck stickers which you can peel on and off. Personally, I just love the stickers and would put them everywhere and on everything!

best preschool activity books
A Very Busy Coloring Book
ages 3 – 6
Eric Carle fans — this preschool coloring book is for you! However, if you want a specific story, try My Own Very Hungry Caterpillar Coloring Book or My Own Very Busy Spider Coloring Book. So inspiring!

preschool activity books for kids ages 3 to 5


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