16 Recommended Sticker Books for Kids

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Sticker books for preschoolers and elementary schoolers build fine-motor skills and visual discrimination –but they’re mostly just tons of fun.

If you’re looking for sticker activity books to keep your kids engaged, here are my top picks.

Sticker Books

I Can Do That! Stickers
by Gakken
ages 3 – 5
Originally from Japan, Gakken books are now available in the U.S. This is an adorable early learning reusable sticker book that helps kids with fine motor skills through math and problem-solving activities. They’ll see the stickers to match numbers to groups of things or matching shapes or going through a maze. I love the brightly colored illustrations in this, don’t you?!

PBS Sticker Smart Art Colors and Shapes
ages 3+
Kids use the reusable, colorful geometric shapes to complete the pictures of a picnic, robots, flowers, backyards, and more. Placing the stickers on the pages builds fine motor coordination and shape recognition. Completion is like finishing a puzzle, just in a book. If you like this, you’ll also love the Sticker Smart Art Around the World book.

First Numbers, Colors, and Shapes Sticker Book
by Roger Priddy
ages 2 – 5
If you like hands-on, fine motor practice while learning preschool concepts, this is a great early learning option.

Highlights Hidden Pictures Sticker Book
ages 3 – 6
Younger learners can the stickers to find the hidden objects. So fun! My kids always preferred the sticker hidden picture books to the color books.

Cool Animals Sticker Activity Book by National Geographic Kids
ages 4 – 8
WOW! National Geographic never disappoints. This book is filled with 1,000 stickers of animals, puzzles, games, spelling, patterns, drawing ideas, and much more. Highly recommended.
***If you like this book, also check out Ponies & Horses and Dogs.

Peel & Discover: SPACE
Learn space facts about the planets, astronauts, asteroids, and constellations and use your stickers to fill in the illustrations. Also read: Peel & Discover: CARS! TRUCKS! TRAINS! AND MORE.

Dinosaurs Reusable Sticker Book
by DK
ages 5 – 9
Don’t you love how DK makes their books so visually appealing? This book teaches kids about dinosaurs while being interactive and interesting.

Disney Frozen 2 Sticker Book
by DK
ages 5 – 8
Fans of the movies will enjoy recreating the storyline with stickers.

Paint By Stickers Unicorns & Magic

ages 8+
My fine motor skills and big fingers clearly are not meant for this book. But there are many kids like these paint by sticker books. (Mine aren’t interested.) Basically, you’re given a sheet of numbered geometric stickers that you match to the numbered shapes on another page. Shapes like a mermaid, unicorn, castle, and fairy.

Paint by Sticker Kids Beautiful Bugs
ages 8+
I’ve already done one of these myself, they’re so fun! (But I wish my fingers were kid sized so it would be a bit easier.) However, these are meant for kids so I suppose I better share… The sticker bugs are like a paint by number only with stickers. Look on the sticker page for the correct number. Then match it to the spot on the bug illustration. The book has perforated pages making tearing out the sticker page and the art easy. Would your kids like this sticker book?

REusable STicker Pad Habitats Terrific Travel and Activity Books for Kids
Reusable Habitats Sticker Pad by Melissa & Doug
ages 4 – 12
With five scenes and over 150 stickers, this is a fun activity for kids ages three and older to learn about habitats. (Also see: Adventure, Vehicles, and Town.)

Let's Explore Jungle Terrific Travel and Activity Books for Kids
Let’s Explore Jungle by Lonely Planet Kids
ages 6 – 8
One of the new Let’s Explore series from Lonely Planet Kids, this 250-sticker activity book helps kids 5 and up learn about the jungle and its flora and fauna as well as world geography.

Harry Potter Create by Sticker: Hogsmeade

ages 8 – 12
Use the stickers to complete the Hogsmeade-related mosaics starting with a Marauder’s Map and ending with a landscape of Hogsmeade Village. Cute cartoon illustrations and a brief narration take you on an adventurous experience. Harry Potter fans who like to puzzle together mosaics will enjoy these memorable sticker scenes. Also in the series: Create by Sticker: Hogwarts.

American Girl Dress Up
by DK
ages 6 – 9
Do your kids love American Girl dolls and books like mine? In this book, they’ll get to dress the characters in signature outfits and create new outfits and styles.

EyeLike Trucks: 400 Reusable Stickers
ages 6 – 8
Do your kids love truck and construction and emergency vehicles? Then they’ll love this sticker book! The front and back covers are backgrounds for your truck stickers which you can peel on and off. Personally, I just love the stickers and would put them everywhere and on everything!

Sticker Dolly Dressing Puppies & Kitties

ages 8 – 12
This sticker book series is my kids’ FAVORITE! With over 500 stickers of outfits, animals, pet food and accessories, this is a fun animal lover sticker books.

Paint by Sticker: Dogs

Use the mosaic of stickers to complete 12 8.5 x 11 dog portraits. From a pug to a poodle, create sticker masterpieces of your favorite breeds.

Under the Sea: Brain Games Sticker By Number

ages 10+
Use the stickers to create 40 sea-themed sticker collages.

15 awesome sticker books for kids


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