8 Origami Books for Kids (Plus Links to Free Downloads)

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Are your kids interested in learning how to do a paper craft like origami? Find the best DIY origami books for kids with step-by-step directions and illustrations. These books for beginners offer fun and beautiful paper folding models and simple origami projects that are easy to follow and great for all levels and ages including younger kids.

Not only is this craft a wonderful cultural tradition to learn, but it will also help kids learn to follow directions that are both written and illustrated and develop fine motor skills.

Also, teach kids about the Japanese word “origami” which comes from ori meaning “folding” and kami meaning “paper”. Read more about the origin of the word here.

8 Origami Books for Kids (Step by Step)

But First, You Need Origami Paper

origami for kids
Origami Paper

Do your kids prefer solid colored paper like these? You’ll get 200 thin papers in vivid colors that will work for any of the craft books below.

Origami Paper

If your kids prefer the beautifully patterned traditional Japanese paper patterns, try this pack of 500 sheets.

Origami Step by Steps Books

origami for kids
I Can Do That Origami 
by Gakken (ages 3 – 5)
Perfect for toddlers and preschool beginners, this book gives children the chance to cut with scissors and fold on the line. The activities are playful, making the activities fun and not tedious fine motor practice.

Easy Origami
by John Montroll
Follow the easy peasy directions for simple projects that will make a hat, cup, pinwheel, origami rabbit, piano, and more.

Origami Made Simple: 40 Easy Models with Step-by-Step Instructions
by Russel Wood
Learn how to make the correct folds and then make kids’ projects like fortune tellers (cootie catchers), flowers like an origami tulip, animals like a frog and a bunny, and more with these easy instructions with illustrated steps.

That’s Math in My Origami! 35 Fun Projects for Learning Hands-On Math Learning
by Fumiaki Shingu
Rating by difficulty for ages 7+, this book gives readers step-by-step instructions and drawings for making animals, toys, and vehicles while adding in a math component — with angles, fractions, and shapes. Use the star rating system to see the difficulty level of each project from beginner, easy, intermediate, challenging, and expert.

Incredible Origami: 95 Amazing Paper Folding Projects
by Arcturus Publishing
We love that there are so many projects with clearly illustrated and written directions! From animals to gift boxes, you’ll find great things to create with paper.

Colorful Kids Origami Kit
Use beautifully colored, pattern-filled folding paper to create amazing and eye-catching designs, like a rocketship, creatures, or flowers!

Origami Books for Kids (Step by Step)
Origami Chic: A Guide to Foldable Fashion
by Sok Song
Learn to make art beyond animals and flowers! In this book, you’ll create tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, handbags, and more. My 11-year-old can’t get enough of these designs and even though she was a total beginner when she started this book, she got the hang of it right away. The 30 projects are written with clear directions and helpful line drawings to illustrate each step.

Classic Origami for Beginners
by Michael G. LaFosse
Colorful directions to make 45 projects will show kids how to fold a kite, duck, doll, pagoda, bookmark, and more. I love that this book includes 98 sheets of paper, too!

Free Origami Printable Downloads

These website links will take you to free printables and tutorials!

Red Ted Art
GO HERE for all (GO HERE  for her Origami Corner Bookmarks Tutorial)

All Free Paper Crafts 

Paper Kawaii

World Wildlife

The Spruce Crafts — PRINTABLE PAPER!

It’s Always Autumn

Origami Books for Kids (Step by Step)


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