Water Cycle Books for Kids

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Do your kids know about the water cycle? If you’re ready to teach or review it, step one is to start with one or more of the books on this list.

After you read books and talk about what they learned, define what the water cycle is, and get into the specifics science including the diagrams (see one here) and definitions.

Depending on your student’s and children’s ages, consider doing related hands-on activities. I like to start with this bottle activity.

Now let’s dive into the best children’s books to read.

Water Cycle Books for Kids

by Emily Kate Moon
Drop hangs out a lot in oceans. Sometimes she bounces in the air with her friends making clouds, then becomes rain. Drop loves her adventurous life — she’s been hail, snow, and glaciers, too and she never knows where she’ll fall. She could fall into a river and flow into a lake or fall into a forest where she gets pulled up by a plant’s roots and pushed out through a leaf. Narrated with pizazz and personality, read all the water cycle by following along with Drop’s exciting life.

The Rhythm of the Rain
by Grahame Baker-Smith
A sparkling circular tribute to water in an oversized picture book with stunning imagery. The story begins with a young boy emptying his jar of water into a mountain pool leading into a river that flows into a great ocean. Follow the water on its journey leading to a whale, to the clouds, down in rain to a different river and ocean, and then back to the sky and rain again. Finally, the water goes back to the mountain pool where the boy named Issac is playing. Astonishingly magical.

Blue Floats Away
by Travis Jonker, illustrated by Grant Snider
This circular story is about the water cycle and a metaphor for change. Cool torn paper collage art shows Blue, a baby iceberg getting dislodged from his big parents. He floats away and sees many new things and makes new friends. As he floats, he gets smaller and turns into liquid then evaporates into a cloud, seeing more new things. Soon he gets colder and colder until he becomes snow that falls onto his parents.

The Snowman and the Sun
by Susan Taghdis, illustrated by Ali Mafakheri
Reading this story will reassure children that snowmen don’t really disappear–they reform. When the snowman melts into water, he evaporates and becomes a cloud. He likes being a cloud although, eventually he becomes snow, softly floating down to the ground in flakes. When the boy sees the snow, he builds the snowman again.

Water is Water
by Miranda Paul, illustrated by Jason Chin
I love this evocative and lyrical book that playfully explores the forms of water in a brother and sister’s lives. For example, “Water is water unless…” it heats up and becomes steam. Precise language and gorgeous illustrations, this is a beautiful introduction to the water cycle.

Water: A Deep Dive of Discovery
by Christy Mihaly, illustrated by Mariona Cabassa
A gorgeous tome that shares water information along with folktales. Learn about the water cycle, salt water, fresh water, the power of water, and more. Plus, lift the flap on the “Deeper Activities” for hands-on activities to apply what you’ve learned. Read stories like Where the Water Grows from Zimbabwe about Hippo who helps Water find new plants. Beautiful borders and illustrations make this an eye-catching, appealing book that will be essential for homeschool libraries, school libraries, and classrooms.

water cycle books
Ice Boy
by David Ezra Stein
Ice Boy is born an ice cube but he wants to explore the world, not just wait to be picked for someone’s drink. And so he does in a charming journey of exploration and the water cycle (ice becomes, water becomes vapor)!

by Melissa Stuart
Filled with colorful photographs, this is an appealing, informational level three reader about the water cycle.

The Water Cycle at Work
by Rebecca Jean Olien
In this nonfiction picture book for elementary readers, you’ll learn about evaporation, precipitation, condensation, clouds, humidity, and more. Clear writing with only a few sentences per page, bolded vocabulary words, and labeled illustrations make this a solid choice for instructional reading.

The Water Dance
by Thomas Locker
Personified water narrates their life in first person, dancing through the world.Sometimes I cascade. I tumble down, down, over the moss-covered rocks, through the forest shadows. I am the mountain stream.” Rich with poetic language and beautiful imagery.

water cycle books for kids



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