Excellent YouTube Channels for Language Arts, Foreign Language, and Arts and Crafts

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Homeschoolers and teachers use YouTube to supplement lessons because it’s a treasure trove of amazing content. But it’s a lot of work to sift through the not-so-treasury channels. Which is why I’ve created this post — here are some wonderful gems for you, excellent YouTube channels for language arts, foreign language and art.

Language Arts YouTube Channels

I love this channel! Not just language arts, there are videos for current events, math, and social studies as well. For more videos, you can visit the Flocabulary website and subscribe. These are great for the classroom.

Cool School
On this YouTube channel you’ll hear stories like Alice in Wonderland with the fun “Story Time with Miss Booksy.”

Disney Educational Publications
School House Rock videos and more!

Educational videos in all topics including language arts.

Book Box
Read digital books in over 30 languages.

Animated grammar videos.

Arts and Craft YouTube Channels for Kids

The Artful Parent
Easy and fun kids art activities that are unique and familiar favorites.

Art for Kids
This art channel will get your kids to draw, paint, fold, and sculpt all kinds of cool things.

Doodle Draw Art
Step-by-step drawing for kids and beginning artists.

Draw Kids Draw
An artistic drawing channel for learning cartooning and more.

A cool cartoony art channel to help kids learn to draw. with letters and numbers.

Red Ted Art
Easy, do-able, fun and colorful craft ideas for all ages. Craft with nature. Craft with recycled items. Crafts for all seasons.

Babble Dabble Do
I love this YouTube channel — it made my STEAM list as well since it has not just art but also science, design, and engineering projects for kids.

Mr. Otter Art Studio
This art channel brings you step by step directions for creating artwork.

Art Bar Blog
Snippets from my art classes with four and five year olds and DIY projects.

So Craftastic
A DIY channel for arts and crafts for older tweens and teens.

Art History

Foreign Language YouTube Channels for Kids

Basho & Friends
Cool videos with catchy music teach Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Dino Lingo
Cartoon dinosaur characters introduce common words and phrases in many languages. Introduction to a video series.

Little Pim
Videos teach foreign languages including Spanish, French, Mandarin, German, Italian and more.

RockAlingua: Fun Musical Spanish
A collection of Spanish songs, videos, and games.

Calico Spanish
Features music from the Calico Spanish curriculum.

Senor Jordan

Busy Beavers
Learn French or Mandarin in these video clips.

Not necessarily for children, this is a channel that introduces the Ouino Languages learning systems for French and Spanish.

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