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Readers, thank you for being awesome and supporting Book Love! Some of you have emailed me with questions. Also, I want to share the  positive feedback I’me hearing, too.

Q: Can I still buy Book Love even though I don’t have a Kindle?

A: Yes, you can buy it to read in on the computer or Kindle cloud! Buy the Kindle Fire color version by clicking HERE.

Q: Will Book Love be available in paperback?

A: Yes! Very soon — I’m just waiting on my distributor. Sign up to get an email notice when it’s available.

Q: Can I give Book Love to a friend?

A:  Yes, just under the BUY button on the Amazon site is GIVE AS A GIFT.

Q: Not related to Book Love but are you having your gift guides again this year?

A: Yes! Learning gift guides in Reading, Writing, Science, Math, Pretend, Art, Games and more! Stay tuned . . .

What People are Saying About Book Love . . .

Utilizing all forms of media, my passion has always been to get children to not only learn to read, but to LOVE to read.  Melissa has tapped into how to create life long readers by transforming their reading into exciting & passionate adventures..not chores.  I wish that every episode of Super Why! could come with this book for parents! “

– Angela Santomero, creator of Super Why!, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Blues Clues.

Here’s a book for parents BY a parent who’s been there herself. One who wants to share what she’s learned about helping kids become readers. It’s written in a practical no-nonsense style and is full of instantly usable ideas. I predict the whole family will enjoy Book Love‘s emphasis on enjoyable literacy activities.

– Susan Stephenson: Writer, Teacher, Reviewer at The Book Chook

I love to read. My husband loves to read. Virtually everyone we know loves to read! You can imagine that finding our six-year-old son claims to hate reading has come as a huge surprise. Despite my work as a reading specialist and an early childhood educator, I’ve found that teaching reading skills to my own child has been a struggle, perhaps because I’m too close to the situation. I was thrilled to read Melissa Taylor’s informative and engaging book for parents, Book Love: Help Your Child Grow From Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader. I found myself taking many notes, and I plan to try several of the tips immediately. Her advice is innovative and accessible. I particularly enjoyed the progression of activities addressing the full range of reading skills, the useful links (which are even more handy in the e-book format), and the “obsession” book lists. Book Love is a must-have, for teachers and parents of reluctant readers!

– Elise Roth Edwards, Mom, Writer, Early Education Coordinator

I love Book Love! It’s a terrific resource for families. Even though I don’t have young readers in my family anymore, I was still itching to try out all the fun and creative ideas in each chapter. There are so many helpful tips and great ideas for getting a reluctant reader engaged with books. Anyone who wants to create a family culture of reading should read this book.

– Anne Mazer, children’s book author and mom

In her new book, Melissa Taylor uses her creativity, imagination, and expertise to tackle a subject that is of concern to many parents, grandparents, and educators — how to instill a love of reading in children. Exacerbated by the distractions of a digital age, today’s youngsters may be reluctant readers. As a teacher, parent, education writer and activist, Melissa provides a potpourri of wonderful ideas, including: book lists for every interest and age, word games, alphabet and phonics activities and crafts, and more. Finally, there’s one place adults can go to spark their children’s interest in reading: Book Love. You’ve got to love it!!!

– Meryl Ain, Ed.D., Your Education Doctor

BOOK LOVE is absolutely swimming with suggestions that are easy, fun, creative and inexpensive. Parents of reluctant or struggling readers will find this an indispensable trove.

– Jean Reidy, Author of Too Purpley! and other children’s books.

Book Love is the most insightful and creative guide for parents of early readers and reluctant readers that I have come across in my 30 years of practicing and teaching pediatrics.

– Harley Rotbart, M.D, Professor and Vice Chair of Pediatrics, Univ of Colorado School of Medicine/Children’s Hospital Colorado and Author of No Regrets Parenting

The transition from reluctant to voracious reader is a journey that need not be intimidating. With the help of Melissa Taylor’s book, parents will feel reassured that ALL kids can become lifelong learners. She offers concrete guidance from the point of view of an experienced teacher, an award winning blogger focusing on learning and literacy, and most of all, a mother of a reluctant reader turned voracious one.

– Mia Wenjen, Blogger at Pragmatic Mom, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Aquent, and mother of 3 including a reluctant reader turned voracious reader.

I’ve been a book lover all my life and now with two children on the cusp of reading, I’m determined to turn them into book lovers without making them miserable in the process. Melissa’s book, which is packed full of simple, fun ideas, is just the ticket. Parents of all stages of readers could benefit from the activities in this book. The information is accessible and not overwhelming. You don’t need tons of time or expensive supplies, just arm yourself with these ideas and before you know it, your kids will go from reluctant readers to book lovers.

– Terri Thompson, founder/writer at Creative Family Fun

Book Love will make you swoon with ideas to get the little reluctant readers in your lives to not just like reading, but become passionate readers themselves. It’s for every parent, grandparent, aunts, uncles and other kid heroes who realize that the love of reading isn’t necessarily a genetic trait–it’s very much learned. As an award-winning educator and author, Melissa Taylor also advises that it may even involve luring the loves-of-your-life into the fantastic page-turning realm of literature.

You’ll find fun and practical tips that address almost any excuse a child will conjure up. Taylor also provides resources and insights on deeper issues like learning disabilities and physical limitations that can hinder a budding love affair with reading.

You may even be surprised to find suggestions that will spice up your own reading experience–just like I did.

– Yasmin Waring, author, The Fantastic Travels of Maxine Machine

Melissa Taylor, writer, educator, and creator of the must-read children’s book blog Imagination Soup, has written the definitive how-to book for transforming indifferent readers into inspired ones. Filled with sage practical advice for making reading fun, and based in part upon her own indefatigable efforts to introduce her daughters to the matchless joys of reading, Melissa gives us a book whose rewards are manifest. I love that her breakdown of books that can extinguish a child’s interest in reading includes books that are too “sitty.” She knows that many children simply lack the sitzfleisch for most books. But she provides a fascinating array of strategies to harness that restless energy and turn it into reading magic. With more and more children these days disinclined to the quieter pleasures of reading, her prescriptions will prove both timely and indispensable. There is also an entire chapter that cites meritorious books, those that can inspire a love for reading, in every imaginable category. And Melissa knows whereof she speaks. Parents and educators alike will greedily devour this much-needed book.

– Artie Bennett, author of The Butt Book

Book Love is a wonderful helper to assist any parent in guiding their kids to becoming a stronger reader. Filled with several ideas, activities and games-it empowers you to recognize why kids may be reluctant to read. As a mom of two young boys, I appreciated the variety of solutions. I can’t wait to put them to use, and allow my kids to enjoy books to the fullest.

– Melissa Armstrong, creator and writer at Age Of Melissius

Where was Melissa Taylor when I was learning to read?  Book Love is BRILLIANT! As the force behind Imagination Soup, Melissa has mixed in every ingredient to help anyone discover their own path to reading. Book Love is thoughtful, well organized and the perfect book to ensure children will be given the gift of a lifelong love of reading.

– Barney Saltzberg, children’s author, illustrator, and musician

As a secondary school teacher I see the products of children switched off reading from an early age and the parents turn their hands up not knowing where they went wrong. This book provides a tool box of ideas that parents can dip in and out of when different problems to arise to bring back that reading spark to their children’s lives. It’s never too late and many of these ideas can easily be adapted for much older children and reluctant readers.

As a parent of toddlers and preschoolers I will be implementing the ideas shared in this book before they become reluctant readers to encourage their love of books to deepen and develop as their enter schooling for the first time and progress through the grades.

This is a must for parents of young children to encourage reading as well as for those that have reluctant readers to bring back that spark.

– Cerys, mom, teacher and blogger at Rainy Day Mum

Melissa’s hands-on approach to helping kids become successful, enthusiastic readers makes the journey easy. She has packed Book Love with practical, I-can-I-do-this ideas that will resonate with busy parents like her … especially those who aren’t bookworms themselves.

Engaging a reluctant reader is hard – especially when Mom or Dad can relate to those cries of “it’s boring.” In Book Love, Melissa Taylor recognizes that circle to help parents gather the clues and find the real cause of young reader rebellion. Then she arms them with tried-and-true ideas that easily blend into everyday life. Parents and educators alike will appreciate Melissa’s effort to create partnerships free of jargon, stats, and guilt.”

Whether you read Book Love cover to cover (like I did), or hone in on the chapter that describes your young reader, you will find exactly what you need and gain confidence in how best to help the reluctant readers in your house.
– Terry Doherty, Executive Director of The Reading Tub

Finally a simple field guide to understanding our youngsters reading trepidations! BOOK LOVE is brimming from rainbow-colored beginning to end with advice, tips, book lists, and loads of fun word games to encourage even the most reluctant young reader.

– Carmela LaVigna Coyle, author of Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? series

Book Love is practical and tactical. It’s helpful with very useful tools that are easy to implement in one’s daily routine. It’s a book that will leave frustrated parents of struggling readers with no excuses. It’s very comprehensive and Melissa is a credible author with a kind, caring approach. What I like most about Melissa’s approach is that it comes from wealth of experience as not only a mother, but a classroom teacher who has been able to translate her experiences with specific reluctant readers into solutions! Bravo!

– Justin Matott, children’s book author and dad

Not all children want to read, and for the parents of these children there is BOOK LOVE. Exploding with fun and exciting ideas, BOOK LOVE will transform your child into an enthusiastic reader in no time. Guided with step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to diagnose reading problems, determine appropriate reading levels, and pinpoint the types of books that will pique the interest of even the most reluctant reader. With dozens of tips, tools and techniques provided in this book, plus more than one hundred games, puzzles, resources and recommendations, BOOK LOVE is brimming with practical and effective solutions that will engage your child in a whole new world as he/she discovers just how much fun reading can be.

– Susan B. Weaver, Grief Recovery Specialist and author of the Rainbow Reach Book Series

As the parent of a third grader and preschooler, I was very interested in reading Book Love. It was a fast read with a lot of tangible ways to help reluctant readers and an extensive recommended book list at the end by category/interest area or “obsessions” as author Melissa Taylor refers to them. I like the e-book format as Melissa gives specific suggestions with hyperlinks you can click on (if you are reading on a computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access) to take you directly to the websites and resources that she mentions.

Some of the suggestions Melissa shares I already do or have done in the past with my children, which I found validating, such as rewarding my nine-year-old son with the chance to see the movie version of a book after he reads it – we did that with the Harry Potter series. Also, being the parent of a three-year-old daughter who is learning who is learning the alphabet, I really appreciated Melissa’s “Alphabet Activities” in Chapter 6.

– Kathy Benson, mom, writer, and group fitness instructor

I would have loved to have owned a copy of Book Love when I was dealing with my own reluctant reader. Melissa Taylor has created a valuable resource filled with quick and easy tools and solutions to get your reluctant child reading.

Bringing her background as an educator and a parent with experience converting her own reluctant readers, Melissa helps clarify issues which can contribute to reluctant reading as well as offering a myriad of fun and innovative solutions. This carefully crafted e-book is filled with direct links, book lists, games, and inventive print outs. Book Love is the go-to guide for instilling a life-long love of reading in your children.

– Valarie Budayr, author and blogger at Jump into a Book.

If you are looking for ideas to help your child read more, Book Love is the ONE book you need. It is a quick read for busy parents, yet it is packed with unique insights and actionable tips. Within about one hour, you will be able to finish the book and be equipped with at least one idea you know you can try at home. Puzzled why a child is not reading more? Book Love translates “book is boring” into 4 enlightening diagnoses. Frustrated in finding the right book for your child? Book Love offers lists of book titles (with direct links) organized by genre and subject. Run out of ideas of stimulating activities? Book Love devoted 4 Chapters on fun home reading activities. Grab the book, you won’t be disappointed.

– Beth Cheng, mom and blogger

As a former reluctant reader, having experiencing firsthand how it can limit enjoyment and success in school and beyond, I have been determined to do whatever it takes to raise readers! Book Love confirmed for me I am doing many things right by exposing my kids to books that interest them and engaging in discussions about what we read. This book by an experienced mom and award winning educator goes far beyond that though by outlining causes and aligning these with exercises, techniques, tools (many with hyperlinks), and booklists by obsession. I took notes! Some of my favs are learning the alphabet through grouping letters by shape and feature, practicing phonics with word family rhyming games, using a balancing disc for kids who have trouble sitting still, sharing with kids how I pick books, and so many more! I highly recommend this book to moms like me who want to make reading a FUN priority in their home.

– Ann Treacy, freelance product designer, mom, and blogger at Doodles and Jots

Reading Melissa Taylor’s book, Book Love, was like having a friend take my hand and walk me through what otherwise can be a challenging and confusing experience.  Taylor uses everyday, understandable language to describe the complex processes involved in learning to read.  But she does it without making you feel guilty that you should have known or done these things already.  As Taylor says, each child is like a beautiful puzzle; it’s just a matter of finding the right combination of ways to help him or her develop a better relationship with books and reading.

– Suzita Cochran, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and author of the parenting blog Play. Fight. Repeat.

Helping Your Child Grow from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader is the perfect parent-friendly handbook for helping a child learn to read and learn to love it! This valuable resource is full of strategies, engaging activities, and high-interest reading lists that children will enjoy and won’t want to put down. Melissa Taylor solves the problem of why your reader may be reluctant with tips for diagnosing the reason behind reading avoidance. This is the most well organized, clear, and concise resource on the subject that I have seen. Parents will find Book Love indispensable! I would have loved to have used it as a reading tutor and elementary grade schoolteacher as well.
– Liesel Banks-Stiegman blogger at School Zone, mom, advocate, teacher, tutor

As an early childhood educator and a parent, I am now enthusiastic about encouraging children to love reading. Problem is I wasn’t exactly an enthusiastic reader as a child. Then, when my son began to read, he was less than enthusiastic as well and not progressing as his teacher thought he should. We were told to make sure to practice reading throughout the summer. This is where the reluctant reader came out. After I got my hands on Book Love: Help Your Child Grow from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader, I knew what directions we needed to go in to help him enjoy reading at least a little more. Book Love covers four main reasons why children are reluctant to read and methods to overcome those hurdles. Activities for literacy development are simple and effective. Resources are also included for when a learning difference is suspected. I would love to see Book Love in the hands of parents and teachers alike as a resource for connecting with children and encouraging the love of reading.

– Carrie Chance, Preschool Supervisor and mom

You can read this book in 30 minutes. Think of it, 30 minutes of great, but easy to do tips, tricks, and tools.
Buy it, read it, you’ll love it. I did!

– Aliya G. Hasan: Doctor, Possessor of a MBA, & lazy Mom who is normally intimidated by self-help books/magazines for kids

At last a well written, easy to read book that clearly explains how and why children are reluctant to read. The author then goes onto give manageable and creative solutions to engage the young reader and light that spark, that life long passion for the written word and a thirst for more.

I read this book in 20 minutes and I was impressed with the range of materials, resources and solutions that where given in the book. It also confirmed that it ok to read to your child in a silly voice and it is positively encouraged. Doing things like stomping around the bedroom reading a fairytale out loud, looking for treasure under the bed and watching the stars in the night sky, trying to find the mythical beings amongst them, will enrich their reading lives, their relationship with you and the world around them and ultimately set them on course for a happy, fulfilled life.

A joy of reading, be it fiction or fact, is a gift that we can all give our children. Melissa has written this guide to help us on this journey of discovery with our children, all we have to do is grab our child’s hand, open that book and read that first word together…….

– Helen Newberry Teacher & Mum to a toddler girl and a teenage boy Peakles & Me

Thanks again for making this book a success!

I hope I’ve answered all your questions — and that you and your kids have lots of fun reading with the ideas in Book Love!

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  1. Technology has both sides, good or bad. It gives us more comfortable life but on the other hand, it has killed the love for book. While reading English
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  2. I’m excited for the paperback to come out. I am going to gift it to some mom friends who are struggling with their reluctant readers. They will be so relieved to have such a great guidebook to help and support them! It is exactly what they need!