3D Pop-Up Story Learning Apps

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If your kids are discerning learning app users like mine, they’ll give a thumbs up to StoryToys interactive story books.

Because there are a lot of story apps in the world but as your kids know, not all are created equal. So you’ve got to love the high-quality story apps from StoryToys.

Learning Apps

Learning Apps

The expressive narrators draw you in to the narrative just as much as the beautiful three-dimensional animation.

The books have stories in 2D with 3D pop-up activities in thematic scenes. Children can choose Read to Me or Read it Myself and interactive fun with 3D sticker scenes and puzzles. Plus, I appreciate that there are zero in-app purchases!

So, today I want to highlight some of my favorite storybook apps from StoryToys. Then you can pick the stories just right for your child. (Warning: it might be them all!)

Goodnight Mo

Goodnight Mo

If you’re looking for the perfect story app for your sleepy evenings, Good Night Mo is the one. This sweet bedtime story follows the nighttime ritual of a cute little monster. (Including listening to your body to go tinkle – see above image.)

You’ll find it absolutely amazing how realistic the board book appears. Turn the page and then the illustrations pop-up looking totally three-dimensional.

The soft lullaby music in the background and blue color palette soon will send you off into sleepy time . . .  Zzzzz.

Strangebeard, The Pirate Princess

Rah, rah for independent, free-thinking girls!!

In this brand new original learning story app, Princess Isabel (with her parrot Jack) dresses up like a pirate so she can go to pirate party. When she’s thrown into a cell she continues her pirate charade and tells Captain Peg (as in leg) to call her “Strangebeard.”

“Peg was confused, “Strangebeard? But  you don’t have a beard!”
“I know,” replied Isabel, “Strange, isn’t it?”

(I laughed so hard at this my daughter looked at me like I was a crazy person.)

Isabel aka. Strangebeard escapes with Captain Peg only to experience sailor monkeys, a treasure, a prince, a sea monster, and the dreaded the plank.


Continuing the high-standards of StoryToys apps, this is an incredibly well-done 3D story app – with an engaging narrator, cool character voices, and realistic sound effects. Within the story pages, fun 3D activities pop up.

We love this learning app!

Strangebeard Activity

Other 3D Story Apps

But there’s many more story apps. Some of my favorites are:

The Jungle Book


The Little Mermaid

Grimm’s Rapunzel

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About StoryToys:
Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, StoryToys creates and publishes highly innovative and entertaining software for children including interactive books and games.

I received  compensation for this post, however all thoughts and opinions are mine. Please see my disclosure policy here.


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