50 Best Gifts and Toys for 4 Year Old Boys (That They’ll Love)

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If you’re a parent, grandparent, or friend looking for amazing toys and gifts for 4-year-old boys that will get them thinking, moving, inventing, building, exploring, and playing, you’ll find plenty of great ideas on this curated list.

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best gifts and toys for 4 year old boys

Gifts and Toys for 4 Year Old Boys

Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys
Razor Kick Scooter Junior
Scooters build up balance and gross motor skills but kids don’t know that– they just think they’re awesome. Notice that this junior scooter has three wheels not two for more stability.

Jumbo Dinosaurs Set
Go back in time with these five jumbo dinosaurs! (Apatosaurus, Spinosaurus, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus, and Parasaurolophus.)

Silly Science Sorting Set
Count, sort, and match the gems in this science activity set that includes tweezers to help increase hand strength and fine motor skills.

Doodle Board
ages 3+
No radiation, glare, or blue light, this is a a pressure-sensitive screen for drawing and writing.

Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Barn

Use a kid-safe toy drill to build a farm with crops, fences, and animal friends.

Light-Up Learning Garage
Play with your cars in this garage that lights up, has an elevator and a ramp, and comes with two characters.

Transformers Matching Game
Get your Transformer fans to practice visual discrimination with this fun matching game.

Yoto Player

300+ world-class, content cards from a curated selection of bestselling audiobooks, music, and singalongs. Simple animated pixel graphics also enhance creativity, phonics, math, and learning experiences. Record personalized audio cards for fun playback, too.

Magna-Tiles Metropolis

Use the square and triangle tiles to construct buildings and explore geometric shapes.

On the Farm: Color & Erase

Color in this reusable activity pad of farm scenes with the included washable markers.

Open Very Carefully: A Book with Bite
 by Nick Bromley, illustrated by Nicola O’Byne
What could be a very sweet story about the Ugly Duckling quickly turns very silly, er, scary when a CROCODILE sneaks onto the pages. Gasp. Watch out! First, he eats the letters, then whole words, and finally, the sentences. It’s up to you, the reader, to get rid of him. (You might even draw a tutu on him!)

Colorforms Classic Set

Stick and restick the colorful shapes to create a scene or a story!

Coding Critters Dragon

Help your preschooler code with a magic dragon and coding storybook of adventures including monsters and a fire tornado.

Play-Doh Activity Table
Use the flat side and the playmats or the 3D side with a pretend river and other features. This includes 15 accessories and 6 colors. When you want to clean up, simply place everything inside the table and put on the lid. My kids would have loved this table!

Bluey Aqua Art
Do your kids think these are magical? Mine did! Add water to your water pen and color the images. Watch as the colors appear! Once it dries, the colors disappear and you can do it again.

Construction Site Folding Sandbox Playset

Open up the Construction Site to reveal a contained play space! When you’re finished playing, the sandbox easily folds up and fits everything inside for storage or portable play! Wheel the dump truck around the site and use the truck’s 3-brick mold in the back to build brick walls.

Dinosaur World Road Race

Create a dinosaur track for your two dinosaur racecars.

The Thingity-Jig
by Kathleen Doherty, illustrated by Kristyna Litten
One day Bear finds a Thingity-Jig (aka. a couch) which he thinks is wonderful as a sit-on-it, jump-on-it thing. He asks his friends to help him carry it home, but they’re too fast asleep so Bear figures out some ideas to do it himself. Wordplay, problem-solving, and persistence all in a fun-to-read-aloud book!

Fridge Phonics

My kids LOVED this so much and so did I because it gave them fun ways to learn their letters and letter sounds with the letter’s name, sound, and many songs. Highly recommended.

Use your imagination and 65 bricks that include a car, wheels, a window, and flowers.

Cool Scoops Ice Creamery (Melissa & Doug)
Serve up scoops of ice cream with this wooden ice cream shop filled with fun accessories — scoops, waffle cone, cup, straw, toppings, and more. Great for sorting, counting, and storytelling.

Hot Wheels Bomber Monster Truck
Hot Wheels Monster Truck

The oversized body and giant monster wheels make up a super cool 1:24 scale truck that any child will enjoy.

BRIO Builder STEM Set

Get your young engineer building with 136 building pieces including nuts, bolts, a hammer, a screwdriver and more.

My First Math Dice

A first math game that helps kids pair the amount of counter chips to the appropriate number as well as teaches about more and less than and simple addition.

Pets Wooden Doll House (Hape)

Open-ended and ready for a 4 year old boy’s imagination, what scenarios will your kids imagine for these darling pets?

Fire Station Playset
Build a fire station then play with its rescue truck with flashing lights and siren and 2 LEGO DUPLO firefighter figures plus more figures.

Five Hiding Ostriches
by Barbara Barbieri McGrath, illustrated by Riley Samels
A playful counting and rhyming story about five ostriches who run and hide from a lion. And what will happen when the lion catches them? It’s not what you think! It’s a fun friendship story that toddlers and preschoolers will love.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets Scrub Tub

Color & customize your animals, then wash them and start again!

Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys
Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham
An alphabet book with a twist! Kids love this hilarious alphabet book about a very impatient moose and his kind friend, Zebra.

Magformers Amazing Police and Fire Rescue Set
Magformers Police Set
Follow the directions in the booklet to build 20 police concepts including a police station, a car, an armored truck, and more. OR use your imagination and the Magformers to make your own creations.

Animals Upon Animals

You’ll love this wobbly stacking game where players race to place all their animals on the animal pile first. Roll the die to see how many animals you can stack up– or if you get to add to the base. A fun interactive game (that we love) that fosters hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Jabari Jumps
by Gaia Cornwall
Jabari is ready to jump off the diving board. Mostly. His dad tells Jabari that he feels scared too, and sometimes after a deep breath and telling himself he is ready, the thing stops feeling scary and feels like a surprise instead. I really like this advice. And it works for Jabari, too. Beautiful illustrations, perfect text to picture ratio, and a helpful, relatable story with a diverse main character make this book a must-read.

Animal Village Create a Story

Cards with woodland animal characters, locations, and props encourage imagination and storytelling.

Kids First Science Laboratory
4 year old boys will love these large, plastic scientific tools for long-lasting fun and exploration. The tools include a unique, multipurpose 14-piece screw-together system with tubes, funnels, lids, connectors, and perforated disks that can be used in a multitude of ways. Also included are large and small measuring spoons, a test tube rack, a pipette, a hand magnifier, magnetic rings and stand set, and more.

Bubble Pop Fidget Toy

Great for fine motor skills, these bubble pop toys are tons of fun.

Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys
Plasma Car
Kids (my own included) love to cruise around on this super fun car. It’s great for inside or outside, too. (Even on my hardwood floors.)

The Original AirFort

Quickly and easily inflate this roomy 4″+ tall fort with a box fan! Then play inside for hours!

Road Rug Play Set

Spend hours of playtime on this washable activity rug with both town and country scenes and 49 wooden play pieces. The set includes 15 vehicles, 8 town buildings, 8 farm structures, 6 animals, 7 people, 4 traffic signs, bridge.

Chutes and Ladders

Another classic game that remains a favorite for 4 year old kids — my own included. The first player to reach the 100 square wins. It’s a game of chance but for some reason, my kids always win. What’s up with that?

Toy Mower

What preschooler doesn’t love this push toy mower with popping beads? Not only do my own kids love racing around the back yard but so do all their friends. Get those wiggles out with this entertaining toy.

Bluey Playhouse

Bluey fans will love this playhouse with lights and sounds that includes Bingo and Bluey and much more including a moving dancefloor.

Melissa and Doug Pizza Play Set
This pizza kitchen toy set is perfect for 4 year old boys! High-quality wooden design with a brightly colored tray, a pizza cutter, a spatula, and a wooden box for storage, and the pizza makes “slicing” noises when cut. Great for many hours of open-ended play!

Jurrasic World Raptor 

This extra-large raptor is 9.1 inches tall. Its legs and arms move, too!

Farm Railway Set
I honestly think this is the BEST toy for 4 year olds. Build, imagine, and problem-solve with the farm railway set that comes with 20 pieces including a train engine with cargo car, farm tractor with trailer, double-height barn with magnetic crane, track crossing, cow, hay and fencing.

Melissa & Doug ABC 123 Wild Animals Dot-to-Dot Coloring Pad
Follow the letters or numbers to complete the scenes. This does double duty — it’s both fun and educational!

Kids First Aircraft Engineer Kit
Budding engineers will love to design 10 different models of airplanes using the 73 colorful, chunky building pieces with simple assembly instructions.

wooden grocery store Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys
Fresh Mart Grocery Store
Imagine the hours of pretend play opportunities with this sturdy wooden grocery store that includes a hand-cranked conveyor belt, a bagging area, card swipe machine, a realistic beeping scanner, and cash drawer.

Letter Blocks
As you identify and label the letters, build towers and structures with the letter blocks.

Animal Cube Puzzle

6 puzzles in 1 wooden cube puzzle. Sturdy and will grow with your child.

Geomag Magnetic Toys

Building blocks with letters will help your kids learn letters and start to build words as they grow older. Playful learning at its best!

LeapFrog Scribble and Write
Kids learn to write upper and lower case letters A – Z and numbers 1 – 10. Instant feedback gives kids help and this adapts to your child’s skills offering a range of levels.

best gifts and toys for 4 year old boys

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