13 Best Preschool Games for Ages 3 to 5

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Our game closet is overflowing. We play a LOT of games. We always have. This is why I want to share the best fun and learning preschool games for kids ages 3, 4, and 5.

These preschool games are favorites from the classroom and home as a parent of two game obsessed children. I’ll share the games we’ve played over and over –and games that helped my kids practice and learn important skills, too.

What’s important to remember when choosing the best game for your child is that it’s FUN. As you’ll see with the games below, these choices are also playful, engaging, and interesting.

best preschool games

For us to stay as non-technology-oriented as possible, my family plays board and card games in the evenings. (Instead of watching TV or being on electronics.) I highly recommend this. It’s a great way to spend family time together. And I love that we’re building memories.

13 Preschool Games for Ages 3 to 5

The Super Sorting Pie
Ages 3+
Not only is this a learning game for beginning math skills but my kids loved to pretend play grocery store with it, too. As a math game, it gets kids sorting and counting. Then, use it to make pies, play grocery store, and do other interesting fruit-related things. (And my kids won’t allow me to get rid of this — it’s just too much fun. Even now that they’re well beyond the preschool ages.)

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game
Ages 3+
Practice matching, sorting, counting, and simple math skills with this entertaining, educational game for preschoolers.

Racoon Rumpus Matching Game
Ages 3+
Raccoons are having a party in your closet. Roll the color and costume dice and search the cards until you find a match! The person with the most critter cards wins. Kids think this game is so much FUN!!

Feed the Woozle
Ages 3+
Preschoolers use fine motor skills along with counting skills to feed silly snacks (like hairy pickles) to the Woozle in this playful cooperative learning game. Players also have to get up and move, too — so get ready!

Frankie’s Food Truck Fiasco Game
Ages 4+
Get kids to practice shape-matching with foods! Talk about fun! Not only is this game a blast, but the lift-the-flap board book of the same name is also darling.

Sum Swamp
Ages 4+
We played this addition preschool board game a LOT when my daughters were new to addition and subtraction. Get this board game to make practicing math facts fun!

Zingo: Bingo with a Zing
Ages 4+
Help your preschoolers to develop language and matching skills with this exciting bingo game that’s not only easy and fun to play but very popular with kids, my own included. This is one of our favorite preschool learning games.

Guess Who? Board Game
Ages 4+
My kids played this reasoning game from the time they were preschoolers until middle school. It’s a great parent-child game that kids love!

Mini Muffin Match Up
Ages 3+
Play this preschool game with kids to learn how to recognize numbers and colors, then use the materials to pretend play later. Your kids will LOVE it!

Go Fish / Crazy Eights / Alphabet Concentration / Old Maid
Ages 4+
These are the classic card games of childhood. Stick them in your bag and have them with you at restaurants. I used to take my kids out for game dates at a bagel store and have many happy memories of Go Fish and bagels. My suggestion for Go Fish is to start with pairs instead of fours — it makes it easier to win with preschoolers and shorter to play, which is also better for younger kids.

Ages 4+
Can you use the clues to eliminate suspects and figure out whodunit? This preschool game asks players to find the guilty fox to win.

Hoot Owl Hoot
ages 4+
In this cooperative game for preschoolers, players help the owls fly back to their next. The game will help children practice color matching and decision-making.

ages 3+
Does anyone else have fond memories of playing this game as a child? Players choose a cootie bug body first and then begin to create their entire bug by adding legs, eyes, a mouth, and more.

Free Preschool Games Online

If you’re looking for a preschool game option on the computer or phone, here are the best learning game options for preschoolers.

PBS Kids

ABC Mouse

Splash Learn



13 Best Preschool Games for Ages 3 to 5


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