Fairy Tales For Kids

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I think that fairy tales for kids are so important because they develop a child’s imagination and teach important life lessons. (The original fairy tales especially.) Here’s a list of fairy tales, some original and retold, and some updated, and some modified.

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fairy tales for kids

Fairy Tales For Kids

Featured Book: The Wild Swans
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Wild Swans book review
The Wild Swans 
Retold and illustrated by Jackie Morris
This is an extended version of the fairy tale The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen illustrated with lovely watercolor paintings. Their evil queen stepmom turns the 11 brothers into wild swans and sent the 1 tried to kill the king’s daughter, Eliza. Eliza is brave and good. This is a very complex story but the gist is that she plucks stinging nettles and weaves them into shirts for her brothers so they’ll turn back into humans.

The Sea Tiger review
The Sea Tiger
by Victoria Turnbull
Merboy Oscar only has one friend, the Sea Tiger. Together they have lots of fun. And the Sea Tiger helps Oscar make a new friend — a mergirl.

Thet Hare and the Hedgehog review
The Hare and the Hedgehog
by Brothers Grimm, retold and illustrated by Jonas Laustroer
Remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare? This is the original story about a hedgehog who gets insulted by a snotty hare and the two decide to race. I love how this story goes into great detail. The hedgehog asks his wife for help tricking the hare. And it works. The moral of the story is “that no one — however great he may be, should tease anyone he thinks is beneath him . . . and, where fooling others is concerned, it helps to have a partner who can pass as your twin.

The Princess and the Giant fairy tale review
The Princess and the Giant
by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Sarah Warburton
The princess Sophie lives next to a magic bean stalk with a VERY noisy giant who is so loud he keeps Sophie awake all night. So, brave Sophie determines to figure out giants and how to help the giant and fix the problem. Sophie’s a great problem solver and befriends the lonely giant!

B.Bear and Lolly Catch That Cookie! fairy tales for kids
B.Bear and Lolly Catch That Cookie!
by A.A. Livingston, illustrated by Joey Chou
Best friends, B. Bear and Lolly, are having trouble with their Porridge Perfector invention when the Gingerbread Man made things worse by tipping it over and running away. So Lolly and B. Bear decide to catch the Gingerbread Man themselves. I love this charming adventure.

Very Little Cinderella fairy tales for kids
Very Little Cinderella
by Heapy & Heap
Little Cinderella is a cutie pie who speaks in baby talk and throws tantrums. Her fairy godmother helps her get dressed for the dance. This little Cinderella wears her favorite blue dress and yellow boots (“yello”) and goes on her big blue scooter. A charming new telling of this familiar fairy tale!

Cindrella's Stepsister book review
Cinderella’s Stepsister and the Big Bad Wolf
by Lorraine Carey, illustrated by Migy Blanco
In this wonderfully illustrated story, Cinderella Ugly is just as bad as her step-sisters Ugly except for the littlest one, Gertie. The Ugly family sends Gertie to the Wicked Queen, the Worst Witch, and the Big Bad Wolf to learn how to be bad. It doesn’t work. And, in another surprise twist, you’ll never guess who goes to the ball with Gertie!!

Swedish Fairy Tales book review
Swedish Fairy Tales
illustrated by John Bauer
Read about trolls, changelings, gnomes, and royalty from Swedish fairy tale writers such as P. A. Lindholm, Anna Wallenberg, and Elsa Beskow. I enjoyed some of these stories, but admit to not favoring the illustrations which are dark and unappealing.

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