The Best Alphabet Picture Books for Kids

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Alphabet books aren’t just for babies and toddlers, they are also for preschoolers and early and upper elementary children as well. (Which is why I have the age range on each book.) In fact, these alphabet books are good for many ages!

For younger kids, use alphabet books to start learning the letters and their sounds.

For older kids, use alphabet books to inspire writing their own ABC books and to practice reading. Use alphabet books to inspire writing– here’s a nature alphabet writing activity as an example.

Some upper-grade titles are filled with interesting facts and difficult words — they are alphabet books for more advanced readers.

Have fun exploring the alphabet!

The Best Alphabet Picture Books

Alpha Block alphabet book
 by Christopher Franceschelli
A wonderful work of art — this is also literally an alphabet book block. Each thick page is a letter shape. Kids will enjoy a peek at the next letters, and the vintage-style graphics in bold colors. Love it!

f is for fairy tale
F is for Fairy Tale
by Greg Paprocki
Starting with A is for adventurous, this beautiful board book of thick pages captures castles, dragons, jewels, a unicorn, and more with fairy tale scenes of kids and animals for each letter of the alphabet all the way to ZZZZZzzzzz.
b is for bison
B is for Bison: A National Parks Alphabet
by Greg Paprocki
Learn about National Parks like Everglades and Mesa Verde as well as what’s in them such as fossils, lava, trails, and redwood trees. Large letters on each page will help readers learn the alphabet letters and the content (text and pictures) will show readers the beauty of these natural areas. A perfect alphabet book for young naturalists who are ready to explore with their grown-ups.

Letters A to Z (Canticos) by Susie Jaramillo
This chunky board book excels in both it’s beautiful, appealing illustrations of adorable chicks as well as it’s well-done bilingual content. Each two-page spread contains the letter and word, one side in English and the other side in Spanish. Even better, it tells you the translations in the other language. For example, “H for hat (sombrero)” and “h de hoja (leaf).This book is one you’ll want to own! HIGHLY recommended.

best alphabet books for children
The Little Red Cat Who Ran Away and Learned His ABCs (the Hard Way)
by Patrick McDonnell (3 and up)
What an adventure! Look carefully as the cartoon cat in red runs through the pages and finds unexpected silliness with an alligator trying to eat him, a bear up a tree, a chicken squawking out of her coop, and so on with each page representing one letter of the alphabet. You’ll love this uniquely imagined story in alphabetical order.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
A is for Angry by Sandra Boynton (2 – 6 years)
A is for angry animals advancing along. Learn emotions with your alphabet in this lovely alphabet book from the talented Sandra Boynton.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
A is for Apple (Trace-and-Flip Fun)
 by Georgie Birkett (2 – 6 years)
Explore the letters with your fingers! Grooved letters on each page plus illustrations of objects starting with that letter.

ABC Animals
by Christopher Evans
Vibrant illustrations of animals plus a stylized letter with texture emulating the animal’s color or texture starting with alpaca and going to zebra.

Book of Animals
by Oliver Jeffers
I love the darling illustrations of animals on white backgrounds with their name and a huge letter. This cool layout helps this board book not be completely useless in the already overly saturated market of animal alphabet books.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
A Long Piece of String by William Wondriska (4 – 8 years)
This is a cool graphic alphabet connected by a long piece of string.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
ABC3D by Marion Bataille (2- 4 years)
Amazing 26 three-dimensional letters move and change almost like magic!

Al Pha Bet
Al Pha’s Bet by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (3 – 5 years)
An alphabet creation story!

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham (4 – 8 years)
We love this hilarious picture book about a very impatient moose and his kind friend, Zebra. SO FUNNY!

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Poor Puppy and Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel (4 – 8 years)
You’ll be laughing through this silly alphabet story about Puppy and Kitty and the toys and games they play.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Alphabeasties by Sharon Werner (4 – 8 years)
Each letter is used to form a creature that begins with that letter. See the alligator? It’s illustrated only using the letter a. Genius!

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Alphabet Mystery by Audrey Wood (3 years and up )
The lower case letters find the missing “x” and encounter the villainous capital letter “M” — this is a kid favorite to read over and over again.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Once Upon an Alphabet Short Stories for All the Letters
 by Oliver Jeffers (4 – 8 years)
My kids and I ADORE this amazing book! Oliver Jeffers writes wonderfully quirky short stories for each letter.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming (2 – 5 years)
Follow along as mouse artistically decorates each letter of the alphabet.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
AlphaOops! The Day Z Went First by Alethea Kontis (4 – 8 years)
Things get crazy when Z demands to go first. This is one of my children’s favorite alphabet books.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Animal Alphabet Slide and Seek the ABCs
by Alex A. Lluch (2 – 5 years)
Get interactive with this board book with sliding panels and colorful creatures.

best alphabet books for kids
D Is For Dress-Up The ABCs of What We Wear
by Maria Carluccio (3 and up)
From A is for apron to Z is for zippers, this alphabet book delights children’s burgeoning understanding of attire. The hats, neckties, and mittens, all the clothing illustrations are gorgeous digital mix-media pictures with lots of diversity.

best alphabet books for kids
ABC Dream
by Kim Krans (3 and up)
Soft, dream-like watercolor illustrations capture words for each letter that children will delight in discovering. Look carefully to find all the words illustrated on each page that begin with the letter.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Animalia by Graeme Base (3 and up)
Gorgeous, detailed artwork illustrates alliterative sentences for a single letter on each spread like “Beautiful blue butterflies basking by a babbling book.”

A to Z Sandra Boynton
A to Z
by Sandra Boynton (0 – 4 years)
Boynton’s delightful illustrations accompany busy animals — dinosaur dancing, elephant eating, and so forth.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
B is for Bear
by Rogger Priddy (0 – 3 years)
Introduce your baby and toddler to the alphabet with this warm touch and feel alphabet board book in photos!

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Backseat A-B-See by Maria van Lieshout (Preschool and up)
Kids can practice reading skills by reading signs — just like the signs in this book!

More Good Books for Kids

best alphabet books
Basher: ABC Kids by Simon Basher (3 – 6 years)
Manga-style artwork with simple alliterative sentences.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr., John Archambault (4 – 8 years)
A classic favorite of childhood, this picture book is a rhyming story of alphabet letters having fun.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book by Dr. Seuss (4 – 8 years)
Don’t miss reading this classic rhyming book by the talented Dr. Seuss!

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Eating the Alphabet, Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z by Lois Ehlert  (4 – 8 years)
Learn about fruits and vegetables from around the world — maybe even try them all!

Eric Carle's ABC
Eric Carle’s ABCs by Eric Carle (2 – 6 years)
Lift-the-flaps to see the animals from a to z.

best alphabet picture books for kids
Icky Bug Alphabet
by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Ralph Masiello (4 – 8 years)
Don’t you love icky bugs in your alphabet books for kids? Use this book to inspire learning about insects, or to write your own alphabet book by theme!

Alphabet in Art
I Spy: Alphabet in Art by Lucy Micklethwait (4 – 8 years)
Discover artwork by searching the art for specific objects.

best alphabet picture books for kids
LMNO Peas by Keith Baker (3 – 8 years)
A cheerful depiction of careers and hobbies — for people and for acrobat peas.

The Handmade Alphabet
by Laura Rankin
Learn the letters in American Sign Language illustrated by a diverse variety of hands featuring different ages and skin tones.

The Case of the Missing Cake (Not an Alphabet Book)
by Eoin McLaughlin, illustrated by Marc Boutavant
Use the clues in the illustrations to help Bear find who ate the cake. It’s pretty obvious but funny, all the same, and a delightfully unique twist on the traditional alphabet book.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
My First ABC
by DK (ages 2 – 5)
Photographs of objects will help preschoolers learn their alphabet.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Puddle’s ABC by Holly Hobbie (3 – 6 years)
I love these characters! In this sweet story, Puddle teaches Otto the alphabet and how to write his name.

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Superhero ABC
by Bob McLeod (4 – 8 years)
Astro-Man is always alert for an alien attack. Bubble-Man blows big bubbles at bullies. Awesome alphabet fun!

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Shiver Me Letters! A Pirate ABC by June Sobel, illustrated by Henry Cole (4 – 8 years)
This pirate crew must search for all the letters from a to z. “R!”

best alphabet picture books
R is for Robot: A Noisy Alphabet by Adam F. Watkins
Bright cartoon-like illustrations show expressive robots doing noisy things. “Ick, Jolt, Kapow, La La La, Meep.” A simple but wonderful picture book with gorgeous and entertaining illustrations.

alphabet books for kids
ABZZZ . . . a Bedtime Alphabet by Isabel Minhos Martins, illustrated by Yara Kono (4 – 8 years)
Little ones will enjoy this playful, interactive alphabet book where D is for Day and O is for Off-Switch. I love the questions that engage readers with the text such as “Quick, find your off-switch! Try pressing your nose. Did that work?

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
Twenty-six Princesses
by Dave Horowitz (ages 3 – 5)
This if a fun book of rhyming text about 26 different princesses starting with Princess Alice. Cute!

Kids' Favorite Alphabet Picture Books
What Pete Ate from A to Z (Really)
by Maira Kalman (4 – 8 years)
Rich illustrations match this funny alphabet story of everything Pete eats — and it’s quite amazing, really. (Glue sticks and underpants!)

the best alphabet books for kids


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