Magical New Problem Solving Game: Top That!

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Affiliate Links Top That! is an exciting new, magical game from Blue Orange Games for 2 – 4 magician wannabes who will get a set of cool magician props for game play. We think this magical game is best suited for 5 – 9 year olds and highly recommend it.

Magical Problem Solving Game: Top That!

Top That! Magical New Problem Solving Game: Top That!

Players get their magician props: a top hat, a red cup, an orange tube, a green coin, and a white rabbit.

Magical New Problem Solving Game: Top That!

Play begins by flipping over a card from the stack. The card visually directs how you must arrange your props.

Magical New Problem Solving Game: Top That!

If the object is greyed out, it needs to be hidden inside another prop in the stack.

If the object is in color, it needs to be visible.

If the object has stars around it, it must stay empty. (For older players.)

So here’s a sample card and it’s solution:

Magical New Problem Solving Game: Top That!

The bunny is hidden inside the top hat.

Whoever gets the solution stacked first WINS the card! So you must pay attention or your opponent(s) will beat you. (I know from experience!)

Not only is this a fun game to play with a super cool magician theme, kids will develop important skills, too. These skills include:

  • problem solving
  • focus and attention
  • processing speed
  • visual perception
  • fine motor skills

We’ve been LOVING the Top That! game — even though it’s a smidgen too easy for my 11-year old.

It’s a fun, short game to play when we have 10 minutes and we think you’ll like as much as us.

exciting Top That! game gives kids magician props and makes critical thinking fun

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