The Best I Spy Books (+ How to Make Your Own!)

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Make Your Own I Spy BookDo your kids love the I Spy books by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick? These books plus other I Spy books help children with visual discrimination and vocabulary.

In fact, I Spy books are FANTASTIC for problem-solving, visual discrimination, building vocabulary, and persistence.

Here you’ll find the best reading choices plus directions for making your own book!

Making an I Spy book is a fun art and writing activity.

Also, it’s helpful to read I Spy books before you start making your own book so you have examples that will get creative juices flowing.

The Best I Spy Books

I Spy Numbers by Jean Marzollo
Help your preschooler identify numbers with this exciting search and find book all about counting and numbers. We highly recommend it.

Around the World A Can You Find It Book
by Sarah L. Schuette
Similar to other books, search in the photographs to find the hidden objects.

I Spy School Days
by Jean Marzollo, photos by Walter Wick
Read the rhyming poem then look at the accompanying full-color photo filled with objects to find the items listed.

I Spy Animals
by Jean Marzollo, photos by Walter Wick
Riddles and photographs help young readers search 13 interactive spreads to find animals.



Make Your Own I Spy Book

To make your own I Spy books, you’ll need these materials:

  • camera or camera on a phone
  • items from your house that relate to a theme (colors, numbers, animals, foods, etc.)
  • a computer

We choose to make I Spy pages with the theme of colors.


  1. Get the objects around your theme.
  2. Then, arrange the objects close together on a solid background. (We used a blanket.)
  3. In the I Spy books by Jean Marzollo, the photographer, Walter Wick, uses light and shadows when he arranges the photos. If you want to try to add shadows, add a lamp to one side of your items.Make Your Own I Spy Book
  4. Close-up shots are best. Help your kids see this by asking them to take several photos.Make Your Own I Spy Book
  5. Next, you’ll want to download your photos onto your computer!
  6. Now, you can make your book.
  7. Insert the photos into a Word or Pages document.
  8. Underneath the photo, write a list of what readers need to find.Make Your Own I Spy Book
  9. Advanced: Take a screenshot of your Word document. Add arrows from the words to the answers to make an answer key.Make Your Own I Spy Book
  10. Finally, put all the pages into plastic covers and a three-ring binder.
  11. Read and solve your own I Spy book!
    Make Your Own I Spy Book


Make your own I spy book

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