Interesting Informational Books for Kids

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Interesting Informational Books for Kids

Interesting Informational Books for Kids
The Inventors of LEGO Toys
by Erin Hagar, illustration by Paige Garrison
This informational book rocks! It’s well-written, nicely illustrated, and very interesting! Learn the history of Ole Kirk Christiansen and his start as a woodworker. From yo-yos to plastic bricks to LEGO now, this is one of the best nonfiction books I’ve seen. Highly recommended.

Interesting Informational Books for Kids
First Ladies
by Ruby Shamir, illustrated by Matt Faulkner (pub 1/2017)
Once I got to reading this informational picture book, I couldn’t stop because it was so interesting! It covers the first ladies job, the difference the first ladies make, travel, projects, and tons of specific details pertaining to many of the U.S. first ladies.

Interesting Informational Books for Kids
Saved By the Boats: Heroic Sea Evacuation of September 11
by Julie Gassman, illustrated by Steve Moors
Mr. Rogers is famously quoted that during tragic events, it’s helpful to kids to look for the helpers. This picture book does just that. It details how after the towers fell, many people needed to get to safety and boats of every kind raced to Manhattan Island to rescue as many people as possible. Hope. That’s what this book is about, even during the darkest of times. (The author was one of the people rescued by a boat!)

Interesting Informational Books for Kids why-is-art-full-of-naked-people-page
Why Is Art Full of Naked People?
by Susie Hodge
My 11-year-old, artistically-inclined daughter thinks this is the BEST book! In fact, she says it’s been much better than this year’s not-so-great art teacher at her school. You’ll find out so many useful facts to questions your probably didn’t even know you had such as: Why is everything blurry? Do artists copy each other? Why is art so expensive? This book takes common kid questions and helps children understand and appreciate art in a deeper way. Very interesting!! I’m glad we own it.

 Interesting Informational Books for Kids
The Book of Heroines
by Stephanie Warren Drimmer
Packed with interesting information, colorful layouts and photographs, you’ll discover new (Pat Summitt, Rachel Carson) and familiar (Malala Yousafzai, Mother Teresa) women to admire and learn more about who they are and their boldest moments. Well-done and easy to digest, I think you’ll really like this book.
Interesting Informational Books for Kids
Totally Wacky Facts About History
by Cari Meister
This reminds me of the Strange But True books only about history and from a different publisher. And, I LOVE IT! This little book makes history interesting to kids — it’s filled with colorful photos and illustrations and yes, wacky facts. Here are a few to get you started:
Early Chinese spies flew on large kites to gather information about their enemies.
Ancient Romans were the first to record seeing UFOs. 
Napoleon suffered from ailurophobia. that means he was afraid of cats. 
Cool, right? Makes you want to know more!
Interesting Informational Books for Kids
Disney Villains: Delightfully Evil
by Jen Darcy
Each of the greatest Disney villains gets at least a two-page spread with their name and movie plus sketches, a description, and screen shots from their movie. You’ll even learn about the voice actors who played the villains. It’s easy-to-read informational tome and quite fascinating for Disney fans (my kids)! You might also like Art of Coloring: Disney Villains, too.
Interesting Informational Books for Kids
Issac The Alchemist Secrets of Issac Newton, Reveal’d
by Mary Losure
This well-written biographical chapter book grabs your attention and holds it. I’m impressed! Newton had a difficult childhood but his curiosity and genius were always present throughout his life. After living at an apothecary, for several years he had a chance to go to the university and eventually Newton became one of the world’s most well-known scientists, the father of physics. I highly recommend this for a narrative nonfiction reading choice.
Interesting Informational Books for Kids
Orphan Trains: Taking the Rails to a New Life
by Rebecca Langston-George
Teachers and parents, if you’re looking for a narrative nonfiction chapter book, this title (along with the Issac book above) is a good choice. Not only is it well-written and moving, it’s about a little-known piece of American history when orphan children were relocated to the midwest. These seven stories are sometimes heartbreaking with both happiness and sadness. I think most kids will find the children’s emotions relatable. (And grown-ups, if you haven’t read Orphan Train by Christiana Baker Kline, it’s AMAZING– don’t miss it!)
Interesting Informational Books for Kids
Famous Fails!
by Crispin Boyer
Did you know Play Doh was a happy accident? The inventor was trying to make wallpaper cleaner. But that was a failure that worked — many ideas didn’t such as fortune cookies for dogs (dogs can’t read), or Snake Oil Liniment (that did make money but didn’t work). And many failures beget later success — did you know Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four? Or that Jennifer Hudson didn’t make the cut on American Idol but went on to win awards and make a successful career? There is lots of information to pour through and assimilate because we know that failures are life’s biggest teachers.
Interesting Informational Books for Kids -- these are great

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