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Want to find the best nonfiction children’s book reviews and recommendations for all ages including picture books and books for beginning, growing, and independent readers?

Here you’ll find nonfiction picture books, easy readers, poetry books, chapter books, and informational tomes as well. Get book suggestions for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school to be used at home with your own kids or in the classroom with students.

Kids need to read nonfiction books from early on because reading for meaning is an essential skill for their future success.

So vary your children’s and student’s reading diet between fiction and nonfiction to give them strategies, practice, and success with both.

Finally, it’s very important that you help kids find good nonfiction books; books that are engaging and interesting. That’s why I’m sharing the best nonfiction books for kids that they’ll love to read.

You might start with these lists by ages or just scroll down to read the most recent reviews of newly published titles.

Nonfiction Books By Age

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NONFICTION Books for Teens

Best Nonfiction Books of the Year

Best Nonfiction Books of 2019

Best Nonfiction Books of 2018

Best Nonfiction Books of 2017

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nonfiction text features

Nonfiction Text Features

Not all nonfiction books have text features but for the books that do, understanding them will impact a reader’s comprehension dramatically so it’s important that

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