Why I LOVE Singapore Math

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As you know, I hate Everyday Math. I believe Singapore Math to be a far superior math curriculum.

Singapore Math allows children to master concepts with visual, concrete support. (As opposed to a brief overview in Everyday Math.)

I also love Singapore Math because my nine-year old, the one who hated math, now only sort-of-doesn’t-like-it and readily admits that her math teacher is the best teacher EVER. That’s a huge turn around from last year at this time!

Singapore Math

Why I Love Singapore Math

I’m not a Singapore Math expert but here’s what I can tell you . . .

Singapore Math Basics

Singapore Math “focuses on mathematical problem solving and emphasizes conceptual understanding, skills proficiency, learning of process skills, metacognition, and the development of a positive attitude toward mathematics,” writes Miss Seah Jiak Choo, Director-General of Education, Ministry of Education Singapore. (in The Singapore Model Method for Learning Mathematics) Read about the history of Singapore Math here.

Singapore Math Professional Learning Network says that the “authentic Singapore math pedagogy revolves the idea that fewer topics taught in greater depth at each grade level results in better understanding and retention.

[printable] Singapore Maths Primary Syllabus


My daughter’s teacher, Catherine Gozynski says, “Singapore Math develops reasoning. It’s not memorizing; it’s actual understanding. The big thing in fourth grade is, does this make sense?” She explains that in the primary grades, the emphasis is on place value.


In Singapore Math, tudents use ten-frames to support concrete and visual understanding of place value, numeracy, mental math, fact families, etc. This is what JJ does in first grade. Go to NCTM for an interactive ten-frame to get the idea. See how cool it is? Concrete to visual to abstract!

Singapore Math


Students draw bar models to represent problems and concepts. Gorzynski explains, “The visual bar models help kids make sense of a problem. They are a problem solving tool taking the concrete to pictorial to abstract. It’s all about understanding the relationship and reasoning.”

I’ve copied a story problem below. Drawing the model helps a student solve this problem in a concrete-visual way.

Singapore Math

Bar Model Apps for the iPad – here’s a screen shot:

Singapore Math

Singapore Math in the United States

Where can you purchase Singapore Math in the U.S.?

1. Math in Focus (MIF) from Houghton Mifflin Hardcourt (This is what my first and fourth grader use.)

2. Primary Mathematics Standards Edition

3. Singapore Math options from Sonlight

4. We used these workbooks over the summer to get AJ used to Singapore Math.

another example:

Singapore Math

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  1. I am a Maths tutor from Singapore and I am proud how far our Math has travelled across the Pacific Ocean.