More Book Choices For Early Readers

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Affiliate Links Early readers always need lots of practice reading in books at their just-right reading level. It’s more motivating if you can find books that interest your new readers –that they choose themselves. (If the books are too challenging, read aloud to them and save the challenges for later . . . )

Remember, as you read with your growing readers, encourage all efforts and help your kids with strategies for both decoding words and comprehension.

More Book Choices For Early Readers

Nurtured and Nuzzled More Book Choices For Early Readers
Nurtured and Nuzzled / Criados Acuriciados
by Platypus Media, illustrated by Mike Speiser
Simple text in English and Spanish (one sentence per page) tell us about babies, animal and human, are cared for. “Babies are snuggled . . .” Lovely realistic illustrations adorn each page. I liked this book but was disappointed with the price. A very thorough, free teacher’s guide is available in English and Spanish at the Platypus Media’s website.

DK Level 1 Jungle Animals New Choices For Early Readers  Parrots
DK Level 1 Jungle Animals
by Camilla Gersh
In a word, perfect. This little book packs a big punch with the perfect balance of colorful visuals (photographs) and leveled, informational text. Fantastic!

BB8 New Choices For Early Readers  BB8 Page
Star Wars The Adventures of BB-8 by David Fentimn Level 2 DK
BB-8 belongs to a resistance fighter named Poe and has quite an adventure with a scavenger named Rey. This story gives the basics of this Star Wars movie in simple language for beginning readers with full color photographs.

Daring Dogs
Guinness World Records Daring Dogs (Reading with Help 2) by Cari Meister
Impressive dogs and their feats will grab animal lovers attention and keep them reading in this engaging early reader book.

Pipsie Nature Detective New Choices For Early Readers
The Lunchnapper: Pipsi Nature Animal Detective
by Rick DeDonato, illustrated by Tracy Bishop
Pipsi is excited to go on a nature scavenger hunt but it turns into a mystery when someone steals her lunch. While investigating, she and her turtle friend, Alfred, follow tracks and discover the items on the scavenger hunt. Great illustrations and an interesting story. (Free on Kindle Unlimited.)

What's Up Chuck New Choices For Early Readers
What’s Up, Chuck?
by Leo Landry
Chuck sculpts wood into masterpieces. When the Forest art competition comes around, Chuck expects to win again only Scooter Possum does. That makes Chuck feel jealous and angry. Luckily, with help from his friends, Chuck remembers why he does his art in the first place.

Pigsticks and Harold Pirate Treasure New Choices For Early Readers
Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure
by Alex Milway
This is the first Pigsticks book I’ve really enjoyed — the plot and pacing worked well. It’s about how Pigsticks and Harold save their town from a greedy rich guy. There’s a lot of text per page so it’s not the easiest reader. Be sure you check out a page and do the five finger test to know if it’s a just-right reading level.

Olive & Beatrix The Super Smelly Moldy Blob New Choices For Early Readers
Olive & Beatrix The Super Smelly Moldy Blob
by Amy Marie Stadelmann
It’s science fair time and these twins, one who is a witch and one who is a super smart science nerd, are in it to win it. Except disaster happens when the girls fight and their projects combine to form a huge green blog that absorbs everything. It will take both their skills to fix this slimy problem. Very enjoyable!

The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde
The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale, illustrated by LeUyen Pham
When the monster alarm goes off, the Princess in Black discovers a field of bunnies that look too cute to be monsters. But don’t be fooled like Princess Magnolia. These bunnies eat everything and now they want to eat her. You’ll love this latest entertaining adventure in the Princess in Black series.

Infamous Ratsos New Choices For Early Readers
The Infamous Ratsos
by Kara Lareau, illustrated by Matt Myers
I loved this book! Louie and Ralphie Ratso keep trying to do mean, tough-guy things but every time it ends up helping someone. Ultimately, both boys and their dad decide to go with kindness but before they do, their experiences are very funny.

thorfinn the nicest viking New Choices For Early Readers
Thorfinn the Nicest Viking and the Disgusting Feast
by David MacPhail
The Vikings don’t appreciate Thorfinn because he is just too nice to be a Viking. (Vikings aren’t nice.) Hopefully after a successful learn to cook and fishing expedition, he’ll be able to cook for the visiting king and everyone will be happy. The illustrations are quite entertaining.

The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon
The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon
by Jonny Duddle
Unknown pirates are robbing the town and everyone is frightened. Matilda asks her pirate friends, Jim Lad and his dad, to help. I liked the illustrations and imagine that pirate adventure enthusiasts will still find this beginning chapter book to be a fun choice.

My Life in Pictures
My Life in Pictures (Bea Garcia)
by Deborah Zemke
Sadly, Bea’s best friend and next door neighbor moves away. When a new, mean boy named Bert moves in, Bea survives by drawing pictures of her life and her hopes for the future — including imagining Bert in various horrible geographic places. When her teacher finds Bea’s drawings, instead of getting in trouble, Bea’s artistry is celebrated. I like the diverse main character and the relatable topic.

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