How Tiggly Improves Geometry, Spacial Reasoning, Motor Skills, and Creativity

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Learn with Tiggly

sponsored PostTiggly shape toys partner seamlesly with FREE Tiggly educational apps so children engage visual and kinesthetic learning modalities while teaching basic mathematical skills.

I was so impressed with the flawless way the Tiggly shapes work with the apps. Press the shape and it zings onto the screen in milliseconds. The app options for Tiggly shapes totally engage my kids (and their friends.) Talk about a fun way to learn and improve skills!

Tiggly is perfect for kids ages 2 – 6 but is enjoyable for kids who are even older like mine. 🙂

Tiggly preschool math app

Tiggly Shape Toys

Kids match, stamp, and draw these four basic shapes toys: circle, square, triangle, and star. Go here to BUY Tiggly shapes.

Tiggly Shapes

Tiggly Free Apps


In Tiggly Stamp (shown above) kids stamp down the shape toys.

Then the shapes transform into something fun for the picture — a scarecrow, a turkey, an apple, a leaf – that goes with the background of winter or fall.

Move the shapes around to create a fun picture. Make a movie or take a snapshot of your picture.

Tiggly Stamp is our FAVORITE of the Tiggly apps by far!! It’s a blast say my kids and their friends. (My 9-year old is quite reluctant to share or give the toys to our 5-year old friend, who might need these skills more than she does.)

Tiggly preschool math app


Tiggly Safari is a little different than the Stamp app. You have to match the shapes to rapidly moving shapes across the screen. (This is a bit tricky but talk about good motor skill practice!) You can make pictures with your jungle animals and learn about each animal.


Tiggly Draw lets you choose from ten backgrounds and use the stamps to “draw” a picture.

Skills That Tiggly Can Improve

Matching and stamping increases a child’s motor skills.

Drawing and designing a stamped picture sparks a child’s creativity.

Stamping, matching and drawing improves spatial and mathematical knowledge and awareness.

Talking about the shapes improves a child’s verbal and language skills.

improve skills with Tiggly toys and apps

Let me know what you think about this cool educational app.

Another Tiggly app I haven’t mentioned is Tiggly Xmas which is $1.99. Tiggly Xmas lets you make Christmas shape scenes and you can also take a photo of yourself and send cards to family and friends.

 Go here to BUY Tiggly shapes.

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed that Tiggly won the recommendation of the Parents’ Choice Foundation.