7th Grade Summer Reading List (Ages 12 – 13)

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I think the hardest age for summer reading is in middle school, don’t you? Try these good books for 7th graders (age 12 – 13) and see if entice your middle schoolers to read throughout the dog days of summer.

I’m wondering if your 7th graders are reading on a device? My daughter does. At least most of the time. And I like that she’s reading so I don’t care if she reads on a Kindle, an iPad, a paper book, or phone. Just that she’s reading is good. Without too much nagging…


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7th Grade Summer Reading List (Ages 12 – 13)

Fantasy/Sci-Fi 7th Grade Summer Reading List

7th grade summer reading

If you like fantasy & sci-fi books, you’ll love:

Realistic 7th Grade Summer Reading List

7th grade summer reading realistic

If you like realistic books, you’ll love:

Adventure & Mystery 7th Grade Summer Reading List

7th grade summer reading mystery and adventure

If you like adventure, try these books:

Historical Fiction 7th Grade Summer Reading List

7th grade summer reading historical

Love historical fiction? Try a book of this list:

Nonfiction 7th Grade Summer Reading List

Try a nonfiction book! Here are incredible choices you won’t be able to put down:

7th grade summer reading book list

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14 Responses

  1. I love this site as a book hoarder and reading teacher I am constantly looking for books to recommend and read to share with kids. I teach IDS and wanted to get aprintable copy of the 7th and 8th grade reading list, but can’t find a link.

    Thanks for your support and enthusiasm on your page.

    rhonda lawson

  2. Melody Rose Proctor says:

    Hi! I’m going into the 7th grade and will definitely try this list.

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