How Does a Slug Learn to Read?

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If your child is a beginning reader, or any level of reader for that matter, I think you’ll love these three children’s picture books about animals learning to read.

How to Teach Your Slug to Read by Susan Pearson

If you can teach a slug to read, you can teach anyone to read. Surprisingly, slugs learn to read like people do. First, you read out loud to him. Then, you point to repeated words. Then, you can attach labels to slug’s favorite things. There is much more in the process of reading. But, of course, the most important part of the process is to have patience.

Wolf by Becky Bloom

Wolf can’t believe that the farm animals aren’t scared of him. They don’t even look up from their books to see that Wolf is about to eat them! So, upon further investigation, Wolf tries to learn to read, too. He practices and starts out with just the basics. Then Wolf decides to go to the library and buy a book for himself. Soon Wolf discovers that practice makes better and reading books makes him new friends.

How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills

Rocket, a white dog with black spots, accidentally becomes yellow bird’s reading student when he’s nearby bird’s “school.” Rocket’s not at all interested in learning to read until bird reads out loud a story of an unlucky dog missing his favorite bone. Drawn to bird’s school because of the story, Rocket then learns the alphabet, letter sounds, and how to read words. Eventually bird must fly south for winter but will soon return and the pair will read together again.


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  1. What a non-threatening way to describe reading to non-readers! I will surely be purchasing these books for my classroom library. Wish they were around when my daughter was learning to read!