What Else Can Kids Read? 8 Reading Ideas Beyond Chapter Books

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Think beyond chapter books when asking your kids to read. Chapter books are just one of the many reading options. Here are eight more reading ideas to entice your kids into more and more reading.

8 Reading Ideas Beyond Chapter Books

1. Magazines

read a magazine
I’ve stopped all my magazine subscriptions just in time for my kids to ramp up. They love American Girl, Discovery Girls, Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse. One of their favorite things in magazines is to take the (totally ridiculous) quizzes. Reading is reading!

Discover the best magazine subscriptions for kids ages 3 to 13!

2. Nonfiction

Reading nonfiction reading ideas for kids

When we saw the musical “Wicked” this summer, I bought the huge tome all about the production and the story. It’s already provided hours of reading engagement for my daughter.

Get fantastic nonfiction book ideas here.

3. Poetry

read poetry reading ideas for kids

My kids LOVE the cat poetry book, I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems By Cats. (There are two questionable poems which they just skip over. They both know what is an isn’t appropriate for them.)

Also, try I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus by Jack Prelutsky Firefly July edited by Paul B. Janeczko, and Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein.

Song lyrics count as poetry, too. Look up song lyrics — I guarantee they’re great conversation starters. (Or stoppers, depending!)

More poetry book suggestions here.

4. Graphic novels count, too!

We love graphic novels — how about your family?

read a graphic novel

Find graphic novel recommendations for kids here.

5. Picture Books

read a picture book

Most picture books (not all!) are written at an upper elementary level of vocabulary. Not only are picture books rich with word choice, but they’re also short gems filled with incredible stories and life lessons.

All picture book reviews here.

The funniest picture books here.

6. The Newspaper

Read the newspaper reading ideas for kids

Does anyone even get the newspaper anymore? Comment and let me know!

A few years ago, our daughter saw the headline about McDonald’s in the newspaper’s Op-Ed section, read the editorial, and had a lot of questions about it. I loved that she read a story that looked interesting to her and I especially loved that she wanted to understand it better.

We normally don’t get the paper but occasionally do. And leave it lying around for kid discovery.

Maybe pull out the Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Comics, or Opinion sections for your kids.

What will they like?

7. Activity books

read an activity book

Activity books involve reading! Some more than others. Find all the best activity books for all ages including sticker, coloring, search and find, and more. Then, check out this list of interactive adventure books for growing readers.

8. Audiobooks

Of course, we can’t forget audiobooks. These books are reading with your ears…and DO count as reading.

Audiobooks are my teenager’s go-to way to read books these days. And I say, whatever gets them reading books is fine with me!

Middle-grade audiobook favorites here.

YA audiobook favorites here.


8 reading ideas for kids beyond chapter books

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  1. absolutely we still get the newspaper
    one from our town, that publishes monthly
    the second from the city 20 minutes away
    we absorb them and if work has some lying around, i am sure to grab them also as does my hubby at his place of work
    even the fliers lol
    but hey we are a household of readers. and proudly I will share that recently my 17 yr old son said he loves to read. especially with the sub-titles in anime. his friends cannot read the sub-titles at all and still manage watching.
    definitely a proud momma moment for sure