Interactive Adventures: Read, Write, Draw Books for Kids

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All readers, especially reluctant readers, need books that motivate them to read. Which is why I want to share these interactive adventure books that ask readers to fill-in, draw, and doodle to help the story move along. Talk about motivating and fun!

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Read, Write, Draw! Interactive Books for Kids

Escape This Book Tombs of Egypt
by Bill Doyle, illustrated by Sarah Sax & You
Interactive, educational, and fun! This book is an enticing doodle, activity, first-person choose-your-own-adventure book that will make you an expert on ancient Egypt.

Escape This Book Titanic
by Bill Doyle, illustrated by Sarah Sax & You
You’re trapped inside the book and the book is the TITANIC!! Help gopher Amicus to escape by reading, doodling, demolishing, and finding a way out. Fun, interactive prompts make history come to life.

Easy Books for Older Kids, High/Low Books for Struggling Readers
Doodle Adventures: The Search for Slimy Space Slugs!
by Mike Lowery
This interactive book not only hooks the reader with its space-adventure plot and hilarious narrator Carl invites YOU to find the missing priceless artifact requiring bravery, heroism, and drawing. Along the journey to retrieve the artifact from Captain Sleezoog (he’s a slug) you must do your part. Make sure (by drawing) that you’ve got a spacesuit, you’ve packed everything you need to bring, the rocket design is perfect plus has some silly (bandages!?) extras, and lots more as the adventure ensues.
Also read: The Pursuit of the Pesky Pizza Pirate!

The Rise of the Rusty Robo-Cat You Draw the Story
by Mike Lowery
Cats all over the city are acting strange. You must help Carl, the duck, get to the bottom of it! This beings an adventure story of a meglamaniac cat mind controlling all the city’s cats with a robo-cat machine. Your creative drawings are what will help Carl escape the cage he’s trapped in, among other things. Read and draw your way through this delightful interactive graphic novel adventure, perfect for 2nd and 3rd graders.

Doodle Activity Book LEGO Star Wars

Read then draw and color the jokes, matching, extra details, characters, and much more.

Spider-Man Doodles
by Brandon T. Snider
Help Spider-Man by reading the story directions and drawing things that will help him fight bad guys.

The Case of the Missing Dumpling by Brian Elling
Mad Libs is now offering full-length interactive fiction books— and the stories actually make sense even though they’re fill-in-the-blank format. Of course, they’ll always be silly and weird. Which is what makes them so much fun, right? This new format IS THE BEST! I love it. Plus, it gives us a fun family activity about wordplay that we can do while eating, traveling, or just hanging out. (Sorry, no drawing in this one.)

Anholt’s Artists Activity Book
by Laurence Anholt
If your child loves art, this amazing picture book is for you. It’s half biography and half activity book. You’ll learn about Picasso, Van Gogh, Degas, Matisse, Monet, and Cezanne and try art activities that imitate each of the artists’ styles. Anholt’s books are perfect for introducing great artists to children.

Superhero Saga: Draw-It-Yourself Adventures
by Andrew Judge, illustrated by Chris Judge
Sketch, doodle, and draw as your read and write the story to stop an evil villain from destroying the town’s supply of drawing paper.Interactive Books for Ages 6 to 9

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