Beginning Reader Book Club: Tessy and Tab

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sponsored PostHow do you help your child learn to read?  The Tessy and Tab Reading Club believes that you must make reading fun for kids and allow lots of trying and practice. They do this by providing kids with kid-friendly books with darling illustrations about familiar life experiences. Tessy and Tab will be your child’s first beginning reader book club!

I know you’re already developing your child’s literacy foundation. You’re doing things like reading aloud to your child, having rich and plenty of conversations, teaching your child the alphabet, modeling yourself as a reader, and talking about books together.

Beginning Reader Book Club: Tessy and Tab

The next step in growing a reader is helping your child learn to read by starting with wonderful books — books like those in the Tessy and Tab Reading (book) Club that help children begin reading pictures, learning phonics sounds, and decoding sentences.

I’m very excited tell you more about what The Tessy and Tab Reading Club provides for beginning readers. Also, I want to mention that if you order before 12/20/2015 midnight EST, you can get $50 off with the code: ISOUP-50!

give the gift of reading with Tessy and Tab review

When you order Tessy & Tab, you will receive a library of 60 books. Keep these in a secret location. I’ll tell you why in a second.

You’ll also get a durable nylon delivery envelope with space for your child’s name. This is how you’ll deliver each new book to your child as if it were sent to him or her from Tessy and Tab. Don’t you just love that?! (There’s also an additional red nylon pouch to carry several books.) Kids get so excited for mail — and books are the best kind of mail!

Giving your child only one book at a time helps her not be overwhelmed and makes getting each new book exciting.

Tessy and Tab Envelope and Book review

Included with the books and envelope is a poster with the book titles and “I Read It!” stickers to mark when your child has read each book. Talk about building confidence and encouraging growth!

Tessy and Tab Stickers

You’ll also be sent a child’s welcome postcard (to build anticipation), a parent handbook, a quick start guide, a purple marker, and a parent booklist.

Here’s How to Begin:

After you give your child the postcard, you’ll then give him the first book called All New Friends in the blue envelope and give him the EMPTY library box.

Tel your child that she gets to see the box fill up over time with books she can read! Put up the poster and leave the stickers nearby for easy access. As you read new books, add the books to the library box and a sticker on the poster.

First Day of Tessy and Tab

The books are color coded and numbered on the bottom of the cover: purple, yellow, green, and blue.

Each book has 16 pages with a 10-page story with three types of decoding clues: name matching, picture-to-word matching, and mirrored sentence matching. The Tessy and Tab website explains more in depth about these decoding strategies.

Read the story.

After the story you’ll see the following extension activities to do with your child:

Tessy and Tab book pages Review early readers beginning readers books

  • Find these things (pictures and words)
  • Answer these questions
    Tessy and Tab beginning reader books
  • Spell it
  • Sound it out
    Tessy and Tab book Beginning Reader Book Club: Tessy and Tab
  • Mini-math activity

You can decide on the time frame of getting a new book. When you think your child is ready, put a new book in the envelope, and deliver it to your child.

I think Tessy and Tab is a fun and playful way to build reading skills and encourage a love of books! So much of the work has been done for your (book selection) so all you have to do is support. And enjoy the process.

Remember that you will get $50 off the Tessy and Tab Reading Club if you order before 12/20/2015 midnight EST, and use the coupon code: ISOUP-50!

Happy reading!

Tessy and Tab subscription reading club for beginning readers


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