Our New Favorite Family Game — Bounce-Off

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Affiliate Links So last weekend we opened a new (2015) game. And played it for hours! It’s called Bounce-Off. It’s surprisingly addictive, very entertaining, and great for anyone– adults and kids. We highly recommend it for your family since it’s our new favorite family game.

And, Bounce-Off is in my recommended 2015 games gift guide. (If you want to check out all the games . . .)

Our New Favorite Family Game -- Bounce-Off 2015 gift idea review of Bounce-Off

Our New Favorite Family Game — Bounce-Off

Play Bounce-Off on teams of two or with two players. The goal is to match the pattern on the card drawn within the ball grid. The only requirement is that your ping-pong ball must bounce at least once before landing on the grid. (Oh, the game says ages seven and up but I think you could go younger than that.)

Our New Favorite Family Game -- Bounce-OffShe wants to beat her mom. But can she?

Our New Favorite Family Game -- Bounce-Off

YES! She can. Happy dance!!

Why I Love Bounce-Off

  1. Laughter.
    There’s something so hilarious about missing the grid, both for my own turn and for others. Of course, it’s funny when you trash talk your opponents and totally miss the grid on your turn. Good comedy there!
  2. Family time.
    Since both my 10-year old and my 13-year old loved it, they wanted to play often. I savor these moments. Most of the time they can’t agree on a game or one of them is grumpy because they don’t want to play, . . . you know how it can go. They both liked it. We were all together. Love!!!
  3. No table clutter.
    Bounce-Off required us to clean up the crafts all over our dining room table. Yay! 🙂
  4. Develops hand-eye coordination.
    For the Bounce-Off Olympics.
  5. Visual-spatial skills.
    If you care about that sort of thing. Which I do. But the fun trumps all.
  6. FUN!
    I’m telling you — this is a blast!

Our New Favorite Family Game -- Bounce-Off

Bounce-Off comes with 9 challenge cards, 16 balls and a game grid.

I suspect we will make more challenge cards of our own because we’ve been playing until we’re out of cards and then starting the stack all over again. We need more designs.

Hope you love playing it as much as we do!
Bounce-Off The game everyone in the family LOVES!

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  1. So glad to hear you enjoy this game! Great pics of your kids! Just bought it for my 73 year-old dad. When we visit the kids and the grown-ups play card games that I’m tired of. Bring on the excitement.