The Artist’s Way for Parents: Raising Creative Children

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Are you a fan of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron? Because, if so, you’ll be thrilled that Cameron just released, The Artist’s Way for Parents: Raising Creative Children, with co-writer, Emma Lively.

The Artist's Way for Parents Raising Creative Children

Why does our creative spirit matter as parents?

Well, Cameron writes (and I underlined and starred!,) “Isolation as a parent takes two forms: one is being alienated from friends, and the other is being alienated from yourself.” . . “It is important not to let ourselves become housebound. Isolation leads to depression and feelings of being trapped.”


Are you struck by the truth in this?

Naps, schedules, diapers, dinner, . . . I bet you’ve felt this isolation. Both types! I know I have.

Cameron suggests we use three basic tools to find adventures to get us out of the house and interact with other people.

1. Artist Date: a once weekly solo endeavor to do something fun! You’re taking yourself on a date. 🙂
*This is hard! Can you give this a try with me?

2. Morning Pages: 3 pages of longhand daily writing that you do alone. Every day.
*I’ve tried this and I’m going with one page almost every day. That’s all I can seem to do for now. Will you try this with me? 1 page?

3. Highlights: a bedtime ritual with your child where you share your favorite moments from the day.
*We do this with our shared read aloud ritual and family prayers. How could you incorporate this or do you already?

The book is filled with write-in exercises for us to think and apply Cameron’s suggestions. Plus, the real-life stories help me see how this looks for other people.

What else does this book include?

–> suggestions about making a creative haven for you and your child (each)

–> encouragement to walk and be in nature

–> wisdom for cultivating discovery, inventiveness, independence, faith, humility, gratitude, and curiosity (among other things)

“Parenting is a great adventure. Awaken your child’s sense of curiosity and wonder helps you reawaken your own. Reawakening your own sense of curiosity and wonder helps you awaken your child’s.”
– Julia Cameron

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