Write Your Own Latin Based Harry Potter Spells

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If you’re planning a Harry Potter birthday or classroom activity, an educational activity kids love is to invent their own Harry Potter spells. For my daughter’s Harry Potter birthday party, one of the activities, besides potions and sorting, was writing magical Harry Potter spells using Latin words– and the kids had a blast.

Harry Potter spells

Download the Spell Book I created for free — and use it for your own magical party or even your classroom.

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    Write Your Own Latin-Based Harry Potter Spells

    The Harry Potter Spell Book includes some of the most familiar spells from the Harry Potter books. Kids who love the Harry Potter books probably all have these Harry Potter spells memorized.

    But the free booklet also has two pages of Latin words.

    Show your children how to play with the Latin words — combine different words or change the words slightly. This is how kids can brainstorm their own made-up spells.

    You’ll see the Latin root and the English definition.

    corpus: body
    derma: skin
    flect: bend
    graph: writing
    invisibilis: invisible

    Harry Potter Spells

    This isn’t exclusive to birthday parties, though — it would be a fun activity to do in English / Grammar class when you are studying Latin or language origins.

    Write your own Harry Potter spells using latin root words

    The kids wrote so many fun Harry Potter spells using their special pencils (a pencil with a feather hot glued on it) and the list of Latin words.

    Then, they used their homemade wands to “cast” spells on their friends.

    Homemade wand directions here.

    Writing Harry Potter Spells with Latin Words

    Here’s a fun example of a made-up Latin spell!

    VOX means voice, and PECUS means animal.

    Combine the two words to create a talk-to-animal spell! You might write the spell words VOXPECUS or PECUSVOX. Fun, right?

    Harry Potter Spells Latin Words

    See what else the kids did besides writing Harry Potter spells in the Harry Potter Potions Class…HINT: they loved it.

    Find magical books similar to Harry Potter here.

    write your own Harry Potter spells

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your Spell Book! I will be using it in our home school co-op. We have a Hogwarts class and each week is a different subject. I think they will have fun dueling with their spells too!