How to Extend the Magic of Harry Potter Books With Playing and Writing

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“Expelliarmus!” shouts one daughter to her friend, pointing a wand at her.

In our house, Harry Potter isn’t just a book to read, it’s hours of imaginative play.It’s the world’s best loved chapter book series and the perfect book for reading, pretend play, and creative writing.

Act Out Harry Potter Scenes

Help your kids with new ideas to get started playing. Ideas like imagining you’re in the book as a character. Think new problems, new setting, or new situations.
– a class with the same teacher but with different lessons
– backyard Quidditch
– Harry Potter meets Percy Jackson
If your kids don’t want to be the Harry Potter characters themselves, maybe they’d want to use LEGO characters instead.

Add In Props

AJ wears her Hogwarts robe if she’s a student. (Although lately she’s been Snape.) You can find robes online, both new and used.

We found this great tutorial on Deviant Art to make Harry Potter wands. The kids had been using sticks for wands but now they’re using these fancier wands. Here’s how to make them.

Hot glue, beads, and chopsticks

When hot glue dries, paint.

You’re ready for magic!

Write About Harry Potter

Make Up New Chapters and Stories
My students loved to write new chapters and books about their beloved Harry Potter characters. Many kids even have their own blogs or participate in fan fiction websites (here’s another one) devoted to Harry Potter.

Write Harry Potter Quizes
Test your friends’ knowledge by writing trivia quizes.

Read About Harry Potter

Have you seen the books about making the Harry Potter movies? They’re awesome!

Or how about the books that Harry would read?

Cook Harry Potter Food

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook doesn’t have a ton of kid-friendly recipes but AJ does enjoy the cinnamon rolls and fluffy pancakes. Yum!

Check out this list of books like Harry Potter.

Try some Harry Potter Experiments!

Write Harry Potter spells!

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