Building a Love of Reading with Literati Book Clubs for Kids

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We all want to build a love of reading for our kids. A great way to start is with a subscription to the Literati Book Clubs for Kids.

Building a Love of Reading with Literati Book Clubs for Kids

Building a Love of Reading with Literati Book Clubs for Kids

First, subscribe to a Literati Book Club.

Each box is specifically curated for your child’s age — and the books are spectacular. Not only are they excellent and parent-approved, but kids also LOVE the selections.

Get all the details of what’s in the box of Literati books in my previous post here.

Your child will receive:

    • five curated, age-appropriate books
    • original art
    • personalized book-cessories
    • and more!

Opening the Literati Box

What should you do when you get the books?

Just like you would if you bought books at the bookstore or checked out books at the library, you have a wealth of options for sharing the books with children.

  1. Read aloud the books with your children.
    It’s helpful to have a consistent read-aloud time. Then, get cozy in a chair or couch sitting next to your child so the child can see the pictures– if there are pictures.Read the title and author of the book and see if your children can predict what it will be about before you dive in.Don’t worry if your child needs to move around — they’re still listening and that’s what’s important.Use a dramatic voice and different voices for each character.
  2. Let your child read the books independently.
    It’s so nice to have a cozy reading spot where your kids can go with a good book. Do you have one?Make sure your schedule has plenty of reading opportunities. Kids need time to read!You’ll want to limit screens so that books have a chance.Kids might want to read to you out loud or they might just read quietly to themselves.

Literati Book Club Box

Do you have a place to store your new Literati books?

Here 15 bloggers share their “shelfies” which illustrate different ways to organize books including using shelves and baskets.

Second, download the Literati App.

The Literati Kids App is available for parents and kids!

Use it to see what books are coming, read more about each book, author, and illustrator, select the books you want, and also, review the books that you’ve kept.

The app is FREE — download it on the App Store.

Once you open the app, you’ll see the month’s theme (Kindness is the Cure) and the books.

For each book, you can read more information. Read the description of the book, see the price, and read about the author and illustrator.

Literati App

Next, you’re able to review the book. Did your child love it? Give it a hearts-eyes review!

The Literati App also helps moms preview the books before their kids open up the box…in case, they want to pull a few out for gifts later on or send anything back.


If you already subscribe to Literati Book Clubs, comment below with your experience!

Why Kids and Parents Love Literati Book Clubs

Building a Love of Reading with Literati Book Clubs for Kids

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