Children’s Books About Trucks

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Some kids just LOVE trucks — there are so many cool vehicles in this category. So this book list is for those vehicle loving children.

Children’s Books About Trucks

Board Books About Trucks
Little Truck
by Taro Gomi
A bright pink little truck (who is adorable) climbs a really steep hill (with help from a bigger truck) then goes home, sleeping on Big Truck’s truck bed. Perfect text and illustration with the reassuring message of doing your own thing and that your parent will never be far behind.

Tons of Trucks
by Sue Fliess and Betsy Snyder
I LOVE this book! Big trucks, small trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks, and all kinds of other trucks can be found in this playful touch-and-move book. A backhoe scoops and digs, a cement truck spins, a tar truck oozes sticky tar, and tabs pull up and out to reveal surprises. Filled with vibrant art and adorable characters, this book gives a child everything he’s looking for when he presses his face against the fence at a construction site.

by Byron Barton
At an early age, my oldest daughter loved Byron Barton’s books. His graphic style artwork and simple text appealed to her 1- and 2-year-old sensibilities. It will be for many of your kids, too. Perfect for young readers!

My Big Truck Book by Roger Priddy
Photographs of trucks teach kids the names of construction trucks, farm trucks, and town trucks.

Little Blue Truck
by Alice Schertle, illustrated by Jill McElmurry
Little Blue Truck is one of those books that is practically perfect. Perfect, jaunty rhymes. A fun, silly story that is even better when read aloud. Engaging illustrations. It all adds up to a kid-favorite farm story of friendship.

Picture Books About Trucks
Mighty, Mighty Construction Site
by Sherri Duskey Rinker, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld
It’s a new day on the construction site and our favorite trucks are ready to start a new job! But five trucks aren’t enough. They must call for a super crew of trucks. Together they work hard to get the job done then find their cozy beds and tuck in tight. Gentle rhymes, cool trucks, and kid-appealing illustrations make this another Construction Site hit. A must-own for any vehicle loving kid!

Monsters in Trucks by Laura Baker, illustrated by Nina Dzyvulska
Toddlers and preschoolers will love the exuberant explosion of colors, monsters, and trucks filling every page. The rhyming text shows monsters building, drilling, and working very hard, whether they’re cleaning the street or eating everything they can. 100% adorable.

Three Cheers for Kid McGear!
by Sherri Duskey Rinker and AG Ford
What a great addition to the wonderful Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site series! This story about a little Skid Steer machine shows that with teamwork, even the smallest truck can make a difference.

Mucky Truck
by Ammi-Joan Paquette, illustrated by Elisa Ferro
When the small truck gets stuck in the sticky, tacky mud, his truck friends arrive to help…but they all get stuck, too. Finally, the fire truck arrives with the fire hose, “spitter-spatter-gush! See that dry and sticky mud go soft as mush.” The trucks get unstuck one by one until the small truck decides it’s FUN to play in the mud…and they all return to join him. Lots of onomatopoeia and rhythm make this an entertaining read-aloud choice for growing readers.

Thunder Trucks
by Cheryl Klein and Katy Beebe, illustrated by Mike Boldt
Creative and fun! These Thunder trucks live in the clouds and make the storms: thunder, rain, hail, lightning, and big snow. Besides being an engaging story, it teaches personification!  Read how the Dump Truck bustles in with a crash, tilting her dumpster bed up, up, up to pour the hailstones thump, thump, thump. “Thunder Trucks loud. Thunder Trucks strong. Thunder Trucks moving this storm along. The Firetruck makes lightning. The Big Rigs makes Thunder. They divvy it up and roll out so the whole sky rumbles with power and pride.

Two Tough Trucks
by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Rebecca J. Gomez, illustrated by Hilary Leung
Some trucks at school are better at things than others. Like Mack. He’s good at everything and faster than his friend Rig. Except for going backward. That’s where Rig shines and can help Mack who realizes he can help Rig, too. Teamwork! The authors do a great job with the rhyming text which I’m super picky about.
Big Truck Playdate by Laurie Carmody, illustrated by Jennnica Lounsbury
Corey is a boy on the autism spectrum who loves trucks! When his school hosts a semi-truck extravaganza, it is too noisy and Corey breaks down. But he really wants to play and see the truck. How will he navigate this road with so many warning signs? In this fun-to-read-aloud picture book filled with truck language that speeds, honks, and zooms, you will cheer on Corey as he finds the courage to connect with his classmates about his favorite thing: TRUCKS! Readers will love the heartwarming story, illustrations, and the big 2-page spread of a semi-truck with Corey’s favorite parts labeled.

picture books about trucks
Truck Driver Tom by Monica Wellington
You’ll find so many vehicles to notice — over 60! As Tom passes farms, goes up mountains, travels on highways, and over a bridge, kids are exposed to different geographic and regional features. Tom delivers his fruits and vegetables to the city store, helping kids understand the food to table process, then takes a rest in his truck bed until the next day’s delivery. A two-page spread in the back of the book shares the many vehicles for you to find within the book. I personally love the double-trailer truck with butterflies on the side.

Duck in the Truck
by Jez Alborough
Duck’s truck gets stuck in the muck all yucky and brown. Frog offers to push and so do Sheep and Goat. The friends come together to get the job done even though Duck is quite grumpy with them. Great for discussion. And good use of repeated sentence structure… “This is...”

MIghty Truck Children's Books About Trucks
Mighty Truck by Chris Barton, illustrated by Troy Cummings
Clarence is struck by lightning in the car wash and develops Mighty Truck powers in this truck-filled adventure with imagination.

Old McDonald Had a Truck Children's Books About Trucks
Old McDonald Had a Truck
by Steve Goetz, illustrated by Eda Kaban
Calling all truck fans — this is the book for you! Because Old McDonald has a lot of trucks — a bulldozer, front loader, motor grader, dump truck, and more. E-I-E-I-O! This is sure to be a family favorite read and sing along book.

Even More Must Read Picture Books from 2017
Trucks Galore
by Peter Stein, illustrated by Bob Staake
Although there is no shortage of truck books, this rhyming truck extravaganza is sure to delight truck-loving readers. Fans of Staake’s illustrations will recognize (and love) his distinctive retro, graphic illustrations.

Road Work Ahead by Anastasia Suen, illustrated by Jannie Ho
In this story, a child and his mom ride in the car to grandma’s house. Along the way, they see road workers, construction crews, and lots of construction vehicles. The colorful illustrations captivate your attention as much as the story.

Children's Books About Trucks
How to Track a Truck
by Jason Carter Eaton, illustrated by John Rocco
If you want your own truck, and why wouldn’t you, you’ll need the advice found in this helpful book! You’ll learn where each type of truck hangs out (monster trucks are in deserted, dark parking lots), how to pick a breed that’s right for you, making your truck feel at home, and naming it. A must-read for truck enthusiasts.

Little Taco Trucks
by Tanya Valentine and Jorge Martin
Little Taco Truck used to be the only food truck but when one truck after another join him in his area, he gets upset and the feels pushed out. This picture book is about making space literally and metaphorically for new friendships and flavors.

Picture Books About Trucks
Old MacDonald’s Things That Go
by Jane Clarke, illustrated by Migy Blanco
I know so many little boys who just love anything to do with trucks. Which is why I think this vehicle book will appeal to them — maybe not as much to the parent reading it because there are a trillion verses but . . . we do what we must, right? In this Old MacDonald version, it’s about a farmer who, you guessed it, loved things that go. “And on that farm, he had a truck. He loved things that go! With a vroom-vroom here and a vroom-vroom there. Here a vroom, there a vroom, everywhere a vroom-vroom.

Hooray, it’s Garbage Day!
by Eric Ode, illustrated by Gareth Llewhellin
Cheerful kids watch for the garbage truck, then help clean up and recycle.Three garbage cans sit side by side. Four bedroom windows open wide. Five children wave and give a cheer to say that Garbage Day is here!” Readers will enjoy the rhyming text and repetition of “Hooray, it’s garbage day!” as well as learn about counting and recycling.

On the Move DK Braille Children's Books About Trucks
On the Move Knowledge You Can Touch
(DK Braille)
Tactile braille words and photographic images both pop out in this amazing nonfiction bilingual (English / Braille) children’s truck book.

Guinness World Records Wacky Wheels I Can Read 2 Children's Books About Trucks
Guinness World Records Wacky Wheels I Can Read 2

Read about the wildest vehicles in the world –like the largest land vehicle weighing 31.3 million pounds, the fasts motorcycle nose wheelie, the fastest motorized shopping cart that goes 70 mph, or the bicycle with wheels about 11 feet across. Whoa!!

EyeLike Trucks: 400 Reusable Stickers

Do your kids love trucks and construction and emergency vehicles? Then they’ll love this truck sticker book! The front and back covers are backgrounds for your truck stickers which you can peel on and off. Personally, I just love the stickers and would put them everywhere and on everything!

22 childrens books about trucks

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