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What’s new for beginning readers this summer 2017? Well, I’m so glad you asked . . . because there are so many good easy chapter book choices.

As an aside, I’ve been really frustrated lately to still see so many new books WITHOUT DIVERSITY. Publishers, you can do better. ūüôĀ

Onward to the books!

Easy Chapter Books for Summer Reading 2017

Charlie & Mouse
by Laurel Snyder, illustrated by Emily Hughes EASIEST CHAPTER BOOK
Just a few sentences per page, this is a collection of stories about two brothers and their childhood adventures. Relatable and endearing with a touch of humor.

by Patricia Maclachlan, illustrated by Marc Boutavant EASIEST CHAPTER BOOK
Nicky’s uncle gives Barkus, a very smart, big brown dog, when he leaves on a trip. Barkus joins her at¬†school, has a (dog) birthday party, and finds a new kitty friend named Baby. These are stories that will make everyone want a dog like Barkus.

Fergus and Zeke
by Kate Messner, illustrated by Heather Ross EASIEST CHAPTER BOOK
Fergus, a classroom pet, sneaks along on a field trip to the museum. There,¬†a friendly mouse named Zeke shows him all the cool exhibits. Then Fergus¬†realizes he’s about to miss his school bus. Will he make it back in time? And how will he say good-bye to his new friend?

Goldie Blox Ruins Rules the School
 (Goldie Blox #1)
by Stacy McAnulty
Do you know the popular Goldie Blox STEM toys? Now kids can read about Goldie’s adventures in a chapter book. And much to my delight, this book is a very¬†enjoyable, well-written adventure. Goldie’s unique school where she can be her quirky, inventor self is officially closing after she blew off the second story. Now she must attend a¬†“high-performing” school. The other kids aren’t as out-of-the-box¬†as Goldie but when she enlists her new classmates¬†to¬†help her reopen her old school, amazing transformations occur for both Goldie and her new friends.

Key Hunters and the Mysterious Moonstone
 (Key Hunters #1) by Eric Luper
Have you seen¬†this fantastic new easy mystery series for early elementary students¬†yet? In this first book, two friends discover a letter from their favorite librarian saying she’s trapped in a book. They decide to go into a¬†book to rescue her. They arrive¬†in 19th century England to help¬†a detective find a stolen gem. Here¬†the story¬†starts racing along with perfect pacing and entertainment value. If you like this story, there are already five more¬†books in the series to keep you reading.

Monsters and Mold
(Zoey and Sassafras #3) by Asia Citro, illustrated by Marion Lindsay
If you’re a regular reader, you know I’m a BIG FAN of the magical and science-themed Zoey and Sassasfras chapter books. In this third story, our magical-creature-seeing heroine gets to help a monster who can’t get the mold off his fur. Of course, Zoey uses the scientific method to figure out what will and won’t help. I LOVE the story, the writing, the illustrations, and the diversity.

Louie Lets Loose!
(Unicorn in the City #1) by Rachel Hamilton, illustrated by Oscar Armelles
I saw this in a bookstore and just had to buy it because unicorns. I’m glad I did! Louie arrives in New York to¬†be a superstar in a performing arts school. His hilarious cluelessness is the kind of humor that kids (and dorks like me) love because it’s paired with a genuine, caring heart. In this delightful first adventure, Louie¬†and his friends help raise money for his faun friend’s glasses while getting customers for his¬†favorite place — the Sunshine Sparkle Dust Cafe.

April Fools’, Mr. Todd!
(Judy Moody and Friends) by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Erwin Madrid
Judy is so excited to play an April Fools’ Day prank on her teacher. It’s her favorite holiday. But will she get any pranks played on her? And will anyone remember that it’s her birthday? A¬†fun, light-hearted story in a solid easy chapter book series meant for¬†readers who are just starting to read them.

get your kids ages 6 to 8 reading with new, easy chapter books for 2017

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